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Re: Asus ROG Strix B650E-E BIOS bug

Level 7

@FredFlint , thank you for your response. I am aware of Intel i225V/i226V issues and seems that I am affected as well, as having the computer running for ~10 hours across 36h time span resulted in 40 disconnection events in Event Viewer.

For now I switched to RTL8125 based USB NIC capable of 2,5Gbit networking, but this seems too to not perform properly. When nothing is being done on PC all seems fine (2,37Gbit in both directions using iperf3 between my PC and NAS), but as soon as some load is applied to PC (opening some apps is enough), the transfer rate can drop into 1,5Gbit teritory with dips well below 1Gbit. Seems like other USB connected devices are also not performing well (Xbox Controller adapter, Logitech G604 dongle, even integrated Mediatek Bluetooth USB chip - all of them have range issues).

This is awful. Guess I am going to order some PCI-E NIC to resolve this particular problem, but as of currently I am very surprised that there isn't any backlash at AMD/Asus going with current state of AM5 platform. Especially USB topic is ringing some bells in context of AMD.

All in all, I believe "Max Power Saving" option in the BIOS should not disable integrated NIC, so that's why I still hold this topic as not resolved, all other problems aside.


Level 12

Hi @forteller , have you tried the latest LAN driver from your motherboard support page at

I am referring to v2.1.3.15 via for your Intel built-in device.

I hope this helps you resolve your issues.

Disclaimer: I am not an ASUS support person so my information may be incomplete. Always follow official documentation and material provided by ASUS representatives.

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