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Re: ASUS ProArt X670E-CREATOR WIFI: Random Crashes

Level 8

So I switched the AMD GPU with the Nvidia 3080 I have. Restarts continue. Only difference is the Nvidia is always detected. So that was some totally unrelated problem. I still wanna figure out that problem as well because I wanna use the AMD with this system.

My only guess left is the HDD's I'm using can be the problem. They are big, old and slow. It takes a lot of time to transfer the files but I'll finish in a couple of days. After that I'll have a clear idea about their affect on the crashes.

If that possibility also gets out of the way I have no idea. As the crashes are random with long breaks and I'm not in front of my computer it'll take weeks or maybe months to have an idea what's going on.

Really annoying.