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RC poster code 005D

Level 7

Merry Christmas to everyone

so after many years iv been forced to upgrade to windows 10 from 7

installed no problem everything worked fine. but it required a few updates. slow internet here so left it over night and when i came down in the morning iv got power to the computer no red lights on the motherboard. however iv got no monitor signal or power to my mouse or keyboard.

i plugged the laptop into it with rog connect and i get TEST CMOS or error code 005D

iv looked everywhere for that code even the paper manual and cant find anything explaining what that code is for?

what iv tired

everything unplugged tested in different hardware and plugged back in

used the clear cmos button on the back 

taken the cell battery out for 24 hours and moved the rtc jumper over and back again.

has windows 10 knackered the bios chip?

spec below


crosshair v forumla (not z) running 1703 x64 10/17/2012

8gb ddr3 

RTX 3080

x2 1TB storage

x1 120GB SSD

im aware the pc is very dated and video card is alot newer but card did run on win 7 no problem


any help would be much appreciated 








Customer Service Agent

Hello, @iFxWolf 

Thank you for reaching out us, and we wish you a pleasant holiday season.

Could you kindly clarify if the current problem is that there is no response when you hit the power button—no fan running and no indicator lights on the motherboard?
Or is it that you can access the BIOS but cannot enter the system?
Could you point out where the "005D" code appears and provide an image?
Given the scenario you described, we recommend referring to [Motherboard] Troubleshooting - No Power/No Boot/No Display and conducting tests with minimal components to pinpoint the potential cause.

Thank you.

Hi, @Jiaszzz_ROG 

Thank you for your reply, 

computer turns on from the power button, I get no screen,no mouse,no keyboard fans all run and gpu fan runs, power supply fan runs too, 

using rig connect this is what I get



Customer Service Agent

Hello, @iFxWolf 

May I ask if you have tried conducting tests with minimal components or cross-testing with different hardware?
If the FAQs provided earlier were unable to troubleshoot the issue successfully, we recommend sending the motherboard for repair diagnostics to further identify any potential abnormalities.

Thank you.