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Random crashes with X670E Hero

Level 10


Before i go into the nuts and bolts let me spec out what i have.

X670E Hero - BIOS 1303
G.SKILL Z5 Neo EXPO 32GB 6000MHz F5-6000J3038F16GX2-TZ5NR
CPU and GPU custom watercooled (EKWB parts)

So the other night while attempting to play Jedi Survivor the onboard Bluetooth disappeared (not in device manager etc), odd I thought but not a deal breaker and not worth the 2 months i was quoted i would be without the board, anyway my fault finding was as follows:-

Applied my clonezilla image of my machine in case it was a rogue update, Image is from 2 month ago when the system was built (clean image OS, drivers and AV) but the device was still missing.

Clean build of Windows 11 Pro from freshly downloaded ISO, no device.

Reached out to ASUS who said run the diagnostics in MyASUS app but there are none.

I had some new fans which i was waiting on installing on my Rads and thought no better time than now, they all connect to a fan controller so all i did was unplug 6 and plug in 6 to the same controller (all noctuas) and tidy the cabling, now the bluetooth is showing again but randomly the PC now just shuts down, no BSOD logs but 6008 IDs in event viewer, to power back on I need to either turn off the PSU and turn back on (Seasonic TX1300) or use the onboard ReTry button.

I'm at a loss and kinda out of ideas so any help is welcomed.

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Yeah, I know others have had much longer periods than I have between crashes. My original board's longest uptime was about 3.5 days, and that was with shutting it down every night. So maybe 3 12-15 hour stints and it finally crashed 3 hours into day 4.

This new board crashed the day I got it twice, managed an entire 15 hour day the next day, then crashed every single day of use after that.

So yes, it's still far too early to declare it fixed, I might just be incredibly lucky right now, but this uptime is very uncharacteristic for this board.

Level 8

I bit the bullet and updated today to bios 1516...let's see what will happen 🤷🏻‍♂️😎

So far my extreme board is on 1516 and doing fine. It no longer shows as beta on the website for my board. 

Level 8

So far so good...seems very quiet around this topic...let's see...

Level 10

I've been on 1516 for a week and *touch wood* its worked great. I suspect we'll see another one soon for which hopefully will put this matter to bed

Level 9

I've been taking the lack of activity as a good sign. Nothing new to report since my update last weekend, still running smoothly.

Also been running with everything set how I would normally rather than run stock settings. EXPO Tweaked, MCR enabled, etc. without any issue.

Level 8

Yeah it's been two weeks of solid running and zero crashes, sudden power offs, or any other sign of instability. I am very encouraged by the lack of activity 

Level 9

well for the last few days the computer has resumed shutting down again, but here is the kicker, instead of staying off and having to cycle the power switch. It is now rebooting itself after it does the unexpected shutdown. All I have in event viewer is "unexpected shutdown" and now "system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. So yay, same shutdown but now it reboots itself so there is that lol. What a pos.

It restarting could be a separate issue, as it's no longer upsetting the overcurrent protection requiring a power cycle, which was the original issue for this thread.

There are some dev builds floating around for the Extreme board, so it shouldn't be too long before those start showing up as beta releases. Hopefully some not too distant future release solves this for you.

Just really wish this thing was as stable as my last board. But I fell into the trap of gotta have the latest and greatest and with the newest shiny thing comes with its bugs but I hope atleast the psu getting tripped is a thing of the past, just need to get this new problem fixed. So far although the shutdowns are annoying and it restarts, atleast it is happening while I am away and not while I'm using the thing so theres that. I'm also not even going to bother trying to get anything replaced at this point. Its clear from others with replacements that none of it has really changed much except for maybe some and this bios just really needs more work to be stable.