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Random crashes with X670E Hero

Level 10


Before i go into the nuts and bolts let me spec out what i have.

X670E Hero - BIOS 1303
G.SKILL Z5 Neo EXPO 32GB 6000MHz F5-6000J3038F16GX2-TZ5NR
CPU and GPU custom watercooled (EKWB parts)

So the other night while attempting to play Jedi Survivor the onboard Bluetooth disappeared (not in device manager etc), odd I thought but not a deal breaker and not worth the 2 months i was quoted i would be without the board, anyway my fault finding was as follows:-

Applied my clonezilla image of my machine in case it was a rogue update, Image is from 2 month ago when the system was built (clean image OS, drivers and AV) but the device was still missing.

Clean build of Windows 11 Pro from freshly downloaded ISO, no device.

Reached out to ASUS who said run the diagnostics in MyASUS app but there are none.

I had some new fans which i was waiting on installing on my Rads and thought no better time than now, they all connect to a fan controller so all i did was unplug 6 and plug in 6 to the same controller (all noctuas) and tidy the cabling, now the bluetooth is showing again but randomly the PC now just shuts down, no BSOD logs but 6008 IDs in event viewer, to power back on I need to either turn off the PSU and turn back on (Seasonic TX1300) or use the onboard ReTry button.

I'm at a loss and kinda out of ideas so any help is welcomed.

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Not sure if you meant to reply to me... Either way, at least in this thread there are not >plenty< of people with the issue and without a Seasonic or rebranded PSU. Which one do you have?

We have reports of changing PSU or CPU making the issue go away. Still, I think everyone here agrees that the motherboard is the main source of the problem. Otherwise, we would not be on the Asus forums...

You are saying you have been dealing with this problem for over half a year now? What are your plans, what did you try? Or did you just resign to it?

@Flakey I have a evga 1300 gt and a evga 850w g2 both had the issue. Even put an old Radeon 290 on and still had the issue. New ram, New cpu, New drives. Nothing worked for me.

Just wanted to point out the power off issue wasn't the only problem I had. I also would lose all internet like the wifi and network adapter were gone, but showed no problems in Device manager. Seemed like when that happened either I was going to have a power off issue or just had one. Sometimes it would take several reboots before the system would be stable for a few days.

There’s quite a few posts by me with everything I’ve tried, I’ve essentially replaced every single component, one by one, to make sure it was not any specific brand/part causing the issue.

I’ve never used a Seasonic PSU, or any PSU with a 12v connector.  Nzxt E850, Corsair RM1000e, even borrowed an EVGA from a friend just for ******s and giggles.  I have enough spare parts to build 2-3 PCs at this point.  My final fix to tire myself if the problem, was to buy an MSI board (the Crosshair was already RMAd- and I have the replacement). I’m hesitant ti eBay this Crosshair board, because I’m confident whoever buys it will have  the same issues and ask for their money back.  I’m following this thread to see if it actually ever gets resolved in any meaningful way. I had the problem on every BIOS release since October when I bought it-but it’s for sure worse now than ever.  I have even replaced the CPU and asked AMD to replace the original.

And yes, there are quite a few people if you followed  this thread from the start that stated were NOT using a Seasonic branded PSU and have the same issues.

Ive also seen reports on other forums (assuming this is true) that Asus and/or AMD have suggested the problem is related to EXPO being enabled, which is a cop out.  The BSODs still happen for me with it disabled (not sure about others) and it’s an “advertised feature” for the platform regardless.

if the fix was as simple as swapping the PSU fir another brand….I would not still be here “beta testing” Asus’ motherboard.

Customer Service Agent

Hello to all the friends who are still active in this discussion thread.

Due to my temporary absence from the discussion thread, I would like to inform everyone through this message that we are still closely monitoring the issue and conducting various tests.
Firstly, I would like to draw attention to the topic of our discussion in this thread, which focuses on "intermittent automatic shutdowns requiring a PSU power cycle for boot-up."
Secondly, upon reviewing our 26-page discussion records, I have noticed that some participants have overlooked certain confirmation items. Here are the points that require attention:
1. What is the current BIOS version, and is the issue still occurring with the default BIOS settings, without any customization such as EXPO I, EXPO II, DOCP, or [AUTO], and with all BIOS settings set to their default values?
2. Rear view photo of the PSU and any identifiable packaging that indicates the specifications or generation versions, rather than just the model. This is not limited to the PSU brand.
Please refer to the following images as examples:


3. PSU connection method: Are you using any adapters, converters, or other devices for the PSU connection?
4. Do you use UPS? can UPS isolate the issue?
Regarding points 2 and 3, please provide relevant photos.
We would like to update you all that we are still unable to replicate intermittent automatic shutdowns requiring a PSU power cycle for boot-up.
We have tested the same model, a new version of the Seasonic PSU with ATX 3.0, but the automatic shutdowns never happened.

Thank you.

sharing complete hardware info & software config details will help us better understand the issue 🙂

I'm currently running BIOS 1416 on an X670E-E board.

I've tried running everything set to optimised defaults, and have tried this across two different boards as I RMAed my original board.

Most in this thread are having issues with the original TX-1300/TX-1600, not the ATX 3.0 version. These older models do not include any 12VHPWR connectors on the back of the PSU but come bundled with 8 Pin to 12VHPWR cables. The back of these PSUs look like this, I have marked the image up with how I have things connected. I am having these issues with a TX-1600 specifically.


The boxes for these older models look similar, but do not feature the "ATX 3.0 / PCIe 5.0 COMPLIANT" branding on the right hand side of the box.


I am currently using a Cablemod Pro ModMesh kit, but I have tried using the stock PSU cables as well and have the same issues. The stock cable is only a 2 x 8 Pin to 12VHPWR, for this I have used only the leftmost two sockets of the 3 labelled in the image, directly above the EPS connectors.

I do use a 90 degree adapter, also from Cablemod, for my GPU but have tested without this and the problems persist.

I do not use or have access to a UPS currently.

EDIT: For reference, my full PC spec is as follows.

CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D
Motherboard: ASUS ROG STRIX X670E-E Gaming WiFi
Memory: G.Skill F5-6000J3040G32GX2-TZ5NR (Which is on updated QVL)
GPU: Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 FE
PSU: Seasonic Prime TX-1600 + Cablemod Kit

Any way for you guys to test with a non ATX 3.0 Seasonic PSU? It would appear the issue is not present on those. 

Level 9

I haven't posted on here in a while but so far on my x670e extreme board, I have since updated to bios 1415, using expo 1 and set LLC level 5 like dabz did and I've gone 4 weeks without the random shutdown. Now Its possible it could still happen as my shutdowns only usually happened once about 30 minutes after a bios update then it progressed to happening around a month at a time and then started to get worse with happening 3 times in one night. On bios 1415 I tried expo1, llc 5 and so far nothing has happened, but I'll still keep an eye on things and keep watching this thread for anything and update if I still encounter these issues. Using a tx1300w psu(without 12vhpwr connector), 7950x3d, x670e extreme, 64gb 6000 g.skill ram

i mentioned in another reply, mine had the problem for about a week and then went 2 months without doing it.  now it's shutdown 5 times in the last week.

Ah, yeah I'm not convinced that the issue is resolved either with what I have tried and fully expect it to happen again at some point but will never know when as its soooo random. Just absolutely laughable that this is even happening on the hero or extreme board with how much these systems cost. Then of course nobody at asus is able to duplicate this concern. But idk I've been with asus since sandy bridge days and actually that pc is still running without fail years later lol, and honestly probably should have stuck with my x570 system if i'd know this new board would have been such a pain to have.

In fairness there isn't a way to duplicate the issue on demand. These are the hardest problems to support.