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Random crashes with X670E Hero

Level 10


Before i go into the nuts and bolts let me spec out what i have.

X670E Hero - BIOS 1303
G.SKILL Z5 Neo EXPO 32GB 6000MHz F5-6000J3038F16GX2-TZ5NR
CPU and GPU custom watercooled (EKWB parts)

So the other night while attempting to play Jedi Survivor the onboard Bluetooth disappeared (not in device manager etc), odd I thought but not a deal breaker and not worth the 2 months i was quoted i would be without the board, anyway my fault finding was as follows:-

Applied my clonezilla image of my machine in case it was a rogue update, Image is from 2 month ago when the system was built (clean image OS, drivers and AV) but the device was still missing.

Clean build of Windows 11 Pro from freshly downloaded ISO, no device.

Reached out to ASUS who said run the diagnostics in MyASUS app but there are none.

I had some new fans which i was waiting on installing on my Rads and thought no better time than now, they all connect to a fan controller so all i did was unplug 6 and plug in 6 to the same controller (all noctuas) and tidy the cabling, now the bluetooth is showing again but randomly the PC now just shuts down, no BSOD logs but 6008 IDs in event viewer, to power back on I need to either turn off the PSU and turn back on (Seasonic TX1300) or use the onboard ReTry button.

I'm at a loss and kinda out of ideas so any help is welcomed.

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Did you set LLC to 5?

Hi @Dabz

I looked for it but was unable to find it. I generally don't mess around with the BIOS and never really overclocked so don't even know where to look for it.

It's under Extreme Tweaker > DIGI+ VRM > CPU Load-line Calibration: Level 5

Usually you shouldn't have to mess with it but this is obviously some voltage problem with the board. Maybe Seasonic or whoever build your PSU is very strict and ASUS is just too lose on the tolerances. They obviously ******ed something up on the way. I didn't have any issues for almost 3 days now so I assume that Auto setting is just bad.

Thank you @Dabz. I'll look into it.

I borrowed a buddies machine and placed his Ryzen 5 7600 into my system. Plan to put my Chip into his system today to see if it will shutdown on his system too. He has an Asus board also.

I'm sure its something to do with Voltage spikes with the Chip and Board. I have a EVGA 1000W Platnium PSU, which should be plenty for this system. I'm only pulling around 500W max. The PSU is brand new.

Level 9

Just to reiterate for others, swapping my PSU resolved the shutdowns (Seasonic TX-1300 —> MSI MEG Ai1300P). I still think the issue is something with this board/CPU/BIOS but who knows when or if ASUS will resolve it.

I just don't have the cash or inclination to go out and spend another £400 on a PSU after mine has been tested and determined to be ok by an independant electrician, I've even replaced the feeding PDU and UPS (work items so no cost to me).

I suppose what burns me the most about the whole situation is my multiple support tickets just getting closed with the advice that I have 2 options:-

1. As it's within 1 year send to retailer to investigate but submit to their T&Cs (its an intermitant fault i can't just replicate and if they can't see the issue i'll be charged diagnostic fees).
2. Send to ASUS Germany but expect to be without for 1-2 months.

I would just like to talk it through with a tech maybe i've missed something but so far the best "support" i've had is on a forum from other users in my same situation. Its just so frustrating that someone like yourself had to put their hand in their pocket again due to all this.

Yeah completely understandable - if I wasn't in the return window for my TX-1300, I would likely not replace it either, especially considering I do not believe it's at fault.

While I appreciate this MSI PSU is up to the newest standards - the Seasonic seemed to be of higher quality, so part of me definitely feels like I downgraded a previously well selected component to my system. 

It sucks to not know if the Seasonic was doing the right thing due to ASUS's implementation or not, and maybe this MSI just doesn't have the same protection sensitivities making my hardware vulnerable to degradation. I was trying to get info from MSI's support team, but now they're just ignoring my support case. I've had no symptoms to suggest degradation though (consistent stability + benchmark/real world performance).

Mainly just getting it out there that it was a "solution" for me and to keep this thread updated with my experience. Hopefully @Jiaszzz_ROG can report back from internal findings on this issue soon.

This is the first PC build I've ever had where things didn't just "work" - extremely frustrating. 

Customer Service Agent

Hello, all.

Can I ask if it's possible to perform an open test by removing the computer case in addition to cross-testing the graphics card or PSU?
By removing the connections from the case and installing only the CPU, RAM, GPU, SSD, PSU, and all the hardware components, check if the automatic shutdown issue still occurs without the case.
Please make sure to place the peripherals without the case in an insulated environment.

Thank you.

sharing complete hardware info & software config details will help us better understand the issue 🙂

I already moved my full build from a Fractal Torrent into a be quite! 802 and nothing changed:
All my stuff worked fine before I moved to the X670E Hero and the 7800X3D.
All my stuff worked fine with a Crosshair VIII Hero and a 5950X.

I've been running CPU LLC level 5 for 4 days now without a shutdown. Blasting the system with P95 will not trigger any shutdowns but there everyone here reports shutdowns during gaming and idle. If I add a -20 all core CO back to the mix the crashing starts again. This has to be some VID/Vdroop related issue and the main question is why are you guys suddenly triggering Seasonic's portection but not the protection from other OEMs since there are people here and on Reddit talking about the same issue with the Thor which I assume is OEM'd by Seasonic:

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Dabz 

We appreciate you providing a summary of your and others current testing and the parameter values you have set. I'd like to inquire if the automatic shutdown issue no longer occurs when running with CPU LLC Level 5.
Currently, we are using the following configuration based on everyone's settings and usage scenarios: playing online videos for 2 hours, running aging 3D Mark for 4 hours, and performing CINEBENCH R23 Aging overnight, and have been unable to replicate the automatic shutdown phenomenon.

BIOS: 1415
CPU: 7950X3D
DRAM: F5-6000J3038F16GX2-TZ5N
HDD: 2 x Samsung 980 pro
OS: Win11-64 Pro

One point to emphasize is that we are using the Thor PSU, and we are also unable to replicate the same phenomenon.
Since the described scenarios may be related to a power protection mechanism causing the shutdown, we kindly request your assistance in testing the system without the computer case.
This means removing all hardware components from the case and placing them in an insulated environment while testing if the issue still occurs under the default BIOS version 1415.

Thank you.

sharing complete hardware info & software config details will help us better understand the issue 🙂