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Random crashes with X670E Hero

Level 10


Before i go into the nuts and bolts let me spec out what i have.

X670E Hero - BIOS 1303
G.SKILL Z5 Neo EXPO 32GB 6000MHz F5-6000J3038F16GX2-TZ5NR
CPU and GPU custom watercooled (EKWB parts)

So the other night while attempting to play Jedi Survivor the onboard Bluetooth disappeared (not in device manager etc), odd I thought but not a deal breaker and not worth the 2 months i was quoted i would be without the board, anyway my fault finding was as follows:-

Applied my clonezilla image of my machine in case it was a rogue update, Image is from 2 month ago when the system was built (clean image OS, drivers and AV) but the device was still missing.

Clean build of Windows 11 Pro from freshly downloaded ISO, no device.

Reached out to ASUS who said run the diagnostics in MyASUS app but there are none.

I had some new fans which i was waiting on installing on my Rads and thought no better time than now, they all connect to a fan controller so all i did was unplug 6 and plug in 6 to the same controller (all noctuas) and tidy the cabling, now the bluetooth is showing again but randomly the PC now just shuts down, no BSOD logs but 6008 IDs in event viewer, to power back on I need to either turn off the PSU and turn back on (Seasonic TX1300) or use the onboard ReTry button.

I'm at a loss and kinda out of ideas so any help is welcomed.

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I absolutely get your what your saying. The problem here is how they been treating their costumers lately. Im talking about the Bios fiasco. Were we were required to update bios to fix the Cpu from explodind and when if you did, you destroyed your warranty. Simply what im saying is that they are not a brand i simply can trust anymore and these problems are currently pushing me off the edge..

Totally agree, they BACKTRACKED on saying the warranty was voided, only after GamersNexus and others EXPOSED the story and embarassed them - say what you want about Steve at GN, but he HELPS keep these greedy ass companies in line - alot.

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Gloom7 

Regarding your warranty concerns, we recommend referring to
ASUS BIOS updates and warranty coverage for ASUS AM5 platform motherboards with Ryzen™ 7000 series p...

May I ask if you are currently using a cable with both ends as 12vhpwr to connect the PSU and the graphics card? 
Please check the top right corner of the screen and kindly share the details requested in the PM inbox.

Thank you.

Due to the ongoing regional holidays, my responses may be slightly delayed.
Thank you in advance for your patience.‌‌‌‌ 🙂

So you want me to send you my motherboard. So i can get a used "fixed" one, which still has the problem. And be without my computer for who knows how long. Im sorry if i come out as rude here, i know you are trying to do your job. The problem is that plenty of people even outside of the Asus forum have this exact problem and no one knows how to fix it, well besides switching manufacturer. And the fact that these has been going on for months without a fix from Asus themself is simply terrifying. Outside of your job at Asus, you as an individual has to see how we have a problem trusting Asus or how we are angry/sad/frustrated over the whole situation.

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Gloom7 

I'm not sure what you mean by send the motherboard.
Currently, we would like to clarify your usage scenario, configuration specifications, and the possibility of overheating in your environment.
These details will help our relevant departments replicate and further investigate the cause of the problem.

Based on feedback from another user, after contacting the manufacturer and replacing the PSU with a new version, automatic shutdowns and the need to restart the PSU to boot were significantly reduced.
We recommend that you also reach out to Seasonic's customer service for assistance.

Thank you.

Due to the ongoing regional holidays, my responses may be slightly delayed.
Thank you in advance for your patience.‌‌‌‌ 🙂

Level 9

Dont Be convinced you CPU is not damaged, I bought my 7950X at launch last October - and this SOC voltage problem was not discovered until April - May - I bought a new CPU and am RMAing the original (it's on it's way back to AMD after fighting with them for a month to RMA it and replace it).  Even my new MSI board had issues with the original CPU - the new one, is FLAWLESS - even boots super fast, no more stutters, BSOD, reboots, etc.

EDIT - even my NEW Crosshair that ASUS sent me, has issues with BOTH CPUs - the MIS board is fine with the new CPUI.  This Crosshair board is TRASH, and not worth anywhere NEAR the $699 they are charging for it - PERIOD.  I did not pay $699 for the CPU and another $699 for Corsshair, last October, to be a BETA TESTER FOR ASUS - and that is essaentially what we all are.  I have not seen ANY OTHER MANUFACTURERS boards have reports of these widespread issues, and it's ALOT of people, not jsut a few complaining of it.

Level 8

Hi, I just had another crash (the last one was over a week ago). Just watching a video in Firefox.

Seasonic Support told me they will be sending the replacement PSU today. I don't know which model they are sending.


Level 8

Jfyi...there is a new bios update for the STRIX X670E-E GAMING Wifi, 1516 beta version, nothing mentioned, but one can hope... ♂️

Bios 1516 is available for my x670e extreme, but does not look like they posted one for the hero board yet. Although it is a beta bios.

If you go the the sticky for "X670 resource" the Crosshair version link is in there for 1516, and yes, it's BETA