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Random crashes with X670E Hero

Level 10


Before i go into the nuts and bolts let me spec out what i have.

X670E Hero - BIOS 1303
G.SKILL Z5 Neo EXPO 32GB 6000MHz F5-6000J3038F16GX2-TZ5NR
CPU and GPU custom watercooled (EKWB parts)

So the other night while attempting to play Jedi Survivor the onboard Bluetooth disappeared (not in device manager etc), odd I thought but not a deal breaker and not worth the 2 months i was quoted i would be without the board, anyway my fault finding was as follows:-

Applied my clonezilla image of my machine in case it was a rogue update, Image is from 2 month ago when the system was built (clean image OS, drivers and AV) but the device was still missing.

Clean build of Windows 11 Pro from freshly downloaded ISO, no device.

Reached out to ASUS who said run the diagnostics in MyASUS app but there are none.

I had some new fans which i was waiting on installing on my Rads and thought no better time than now, they all connect to a fan controller so all i did was unplug 6 and plug in 6 to the same controller (all noctuas) and tidy the cabling, now the bluetooth is showing again but randomly the PC now just shuts down, no BSOD logs but 6008 IDs in event viewer, to power back on I need to either turn off the PSU and turn back on (Seasonic TX1300) or use the onboard ReTry button.

I'm at a loss and kinda out of ideas so any help is welcomed.


Accepted Solutions

As the OP who has raised multiple tickets to ASUS over this and been told "It's clearly a problem with your PSU!!" (a TX-1300 that worked fine on an MSI board i might add) only for everything to seemingly be resolved with a BIOS update i think it is safe to say we will never know.

ASUS don't strike me as the organisation that will come out with its hands up saying "Our bad we goofed" even a nod of acceptance would be better than this, but it will be ignored and ASUS will continue down this sub par support route as though nothing happened. I accept that it is what it is because ASUS will at the same time need to accept that I won't install their kit in my PC anymore nor will I recommend their kit and the company i work for won't buy their kit after following this forum thread and the emails i had with support.

Maybe a kidney shot to their bottom line is what it needed to get ASUS back to where they used to be but that is down to them and I for one will speak with my wallet.

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Level 10

Just crashed again mid strike on Destiny2, temps fine at 63c for CPU and 41c for GPU, nothing in event viewer other than a "Previous shutdown unexpected", checked BIOS and OC was set to EXPO II so changed to EXPO and see if that does anything but getting annoying now

Level 9

I think there is still problems with any EFI/BIOS Update there is for the board, especially with X3D chips. I have the exact same problem as you described and i saw that others (on reddit) are having the same issue.

It is the most stable with BIOS version 1202 for me. I did not try the new beta BIOS yet. But it seems they do not resolve the problems (from seeing what is posted online). I am hoping these issues are fixed with another BIOS Update. 

So as you are on 1303, maybe you wanna go back to 1202, as for me the crashes are not gone, but way less.

Level 10

So as further testing i've rolled back to a fresh install of Win 10 Pro, bluetooth is a non thing again. System was fine since mid April only the last week it's all decided to go funky.



Level 9

To be honest, I'm losing faith in Asus rapidly on putting out quality products, updates etc.  Off topic, and will not help you but I bought a ton if Asus stuff in the past 5 years, and all but 2 out of 8 have failed.  2 motherboards RMAs, 2 different STRIX Flare keybboards constantly ghosting out of the box - the second one they refused to refund/exchange.  my 2019 34" Ultrawide shuts itself off for no easily verifiable reason, etc etc.

I am honestly thinking of replacing my Crosshair Hero x670E with an MSI MEG 670 Ace.  I've used plenty of low end MSI boards in the past for builds I did for my friends and family, as well as machines for me.    

Between my crappy experience lately with recent products, and their attitude and botched rollout of BIOS updates on this board - I feel like I paid $700 to be a BETA tester. 

I have no MAJOR issues with my board, I have a regular 7950x, not X3D - and I am sure not moving to an X3D until AMD and all these board partner get ther ****** together.  I do have weird lockups, REALLY slow occaisonal cold boots - I am talkinng10 minutes plus - way out of the norm even for DDR5.  Every BIOS update I am hopeful, but dissapointed.




Level 10

Just watched this video and kinda scared
Thinking i may drop ASUS too and thats after using ASUS for 15+ years.

The scary ones are actually the ones on GamersNexus channel, but yeah i kinda regret i bought an ASUS ROG board now, this videos should have come out 3 weeks earlier. It's my first ASUS board too.

I was abbout to post the GamesNexus one in response to the Jays2cents - I started feeling this way about Asus bbefore these two videos went up.  Ordering my MSI board as I type this.  I will eBay the Crosshair, bbut who knows if it will sell with all the news around the X3D cpus.  I have been using ith with a regular  7950x, so there's noting physically wrong with it - minus all the bugs and complaints with BIOS.

Level 10

I've sent an email to citizens advice here in the UK to see where i stand as the product is clearly not fit for purpose in this current state.

Level 7

AMD Ryzen 9 7950X


I built a machine for a client of mine and he is having all sorts of applications going to not responding state randomly.  This is ANY application, not narrowed down to a piece of software.  Windows was reinstalled about 3 times, chipset driver and video drivers were installed and everything else up-to-date.  I was literally going on the road to replace RAM, CPU and NVMe but giving the two recent video from GN and JTC it looks like this board has problems and ASUS has yet to release a stable BIOS.

Thanks for starting this thread, I'm here with you all.  ASUS has made me a fool in the eyes of my client.