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RAID not showing up in Windows on CROSSHAIR X670E HERO - AMD

Level 7

I have a new build and have gotten everything working.  I set up a hardware raid, following the AMD instructions at

I have a separate ssd that the system is booting from, using windows 10.  I have found raid drivers, as advised from other posts.   Windows wouldn't take the drivers during install.  I installed the drivers using 'other' option in hardware installation.

The RAID does not show up in drive manager. The two m2s do, but not as a raid, just as separate drives.

I also installed the ASUS raidxpert software for windows 10, and no drives show up there; all the fields are empty.  I have no idea what to try next.

Attached are images that show my settings.



Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Sasori7 .

I apologize for the delay in response.
May I ask how many drivers you are using to set up the RAID? And what is the RAID level you have configured? Could you please help to confirm the question below?
- the OS build, current BIOS version, and all the images of the setting in BIOS
- the brand, model name, and part number of the DRAM currently installed
- the brand and model name of the CPU, GPU, SSD/HDD, and PSU currently installed

Thank you.