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Question about ROG Strix motherboard letters

Level 7

I have a question about the letters on the end of the motherboard such as the A,I,E, ect.. What is the best model of the Strix motherboards? I'm currently looking at a ROG Strix-E. Is the E a good one to go with?


Level 7

I'm not sure you can tell which board version is best for you based only on the model letter designation. I would suggest using the comparison feature on the official ASUS product page to examine the differences between the different board models. It seems often that the main differences are in PCIe slot configurations, amount of storage ports for M.2 and SATA, and rear I/O and expansion ports such as number and type of USB ports. What is best for each user is subjective and is relative to what they want to use with their PC and how they use their PC. Not everyone uses their PC in the exact same way so in order to know which motherboard is best for you specifically, you should try to give details about how you want to be able to use your PC and for what purposes. Someone who is more of a content creator will use their PC differently than someone whose primary focus of use for their PC is gaming, and therefore each type of usage will have different configuration requirements. For example, do you need to be able to use more than one PCIe slot for add in cards other than your GPU? How many different USB devices would you like to use simultaneously and at what bandwidth, and what port types do you need available and how many of each type? These are all important considerations to think of when deciding which motherboard model is the best fit for your primary type of PC usage. So it is hard to say what is the "best model" without knowing more about how you want to use the PC specifically and what the maximum limit of your overall spending budget is. The differences between each model are fairly subtle. Depending on how you use your PC, you may not even notice the difference very much between different models other than the price.