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QCODE (Q Code) 53 on ROG Maximus Z790 Hero

Level 9

There have been a bunch of posts about this but no real answer and I'm almost 100% sure this is software related (BIOS) but ROG is just telling me to RMA the board, which I don't really want to do given all the other threads with the same issue.


PROBLEM: Typically during reboots after any kind of update (Video card, windows, whatever), my POST will hang with a Q CODE 53 and orange light. I have to do a hard power off and then restart to get it to POST again, which forces a BIOS visit where all settings are fine and then restarts normally from there. I have run two different memory modules with the same result. I am on the newest BIOS and controller. I have tried all XMP profiles as well as AUTO. I can't get ASUS/ROG to actually troubleshoot with me outside of just "RMA the board".

Has anyone had any luck fixing this? It works perfectly and runs smoothly except for this issue, so while a nuisance, it's not really enough for me to want to take apart my entire build to most likely get another motherboard that will do the same exact thing.

MOBO: ROG Maximus Z790 HERO (1202 BIOS with updated controller per instructions on BIOS update)

PROC: i9-13900K

MEMORY: Have tried both G.SKILL Trident Z5 RGB Series 64GB (2 x 32GB) 288-Pin PC RAM DDR5 6400 (PC5 51200) Desktop Memory Model F5-6400J3239G32GX2-TZ5RS as well as TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 Ram 32GB (2x16GB) 6400MHz PC5-51200 CL40 Desktop Memory Module Ram for 600 700 Series Chipset XMP 3.0 Ready White - FF4D532G6400HC40BDC01 (IT ERRORS ON BOTH MEMORY SETS)

Graphics: RTX 4080


No i keep armory crate installed i just change my ram frequency. For now it work.


I have knowm any tried to not to sync RAMs RGB in Aromoury Crate and it did work(no Q Code 53 issue I mean), but why should I disable this feature for this issue? The right solution I think to this issue is that ASUS should face this issue and solve it, or ASUS should claim its MBs support to RAM RGB!

Yea, man. You are 100% right. I want to use Aura Sync too. Why we bought so cool gear and have these problems???!

Yes, removing Armory Creat helped me. But be careful, to remove Armory Creat you need a special utility that can be found on the Asus website. Simply removing the armory creat is not enough.

Hello, RaiBinger! You don't use any software to control the rgb backlighting?

No, I don't use any apps to control the backlight.

And can You tell me please, how to correctly delete Armoury Crate? Using uninstalling tool firstly or manually deleting and after that uninstalling tool? 

I did not remove the armory creat separately. I just ran the Armory Creat removal utility and removed it using this utility.

Level 9

But if I enable SIGNALRGB to control the whole PC backlighting, after a while (From 1 minute to a couple hours) the RAM backlighting stops or starts stuttering. I have seen in SIGNALRGB settings processes from ARMOURY CRATE and so I think SIGNALRGB is triggering them and this is causing the RAM to crash. Therefore I think the problem is in ARMOURY CRATE. It's both funny and sad, because it's native ASUS software.

Level 9

 I don't want to uninstall Armoury Crate if it doesn't solve this problem, because it's convenient to check and install new driver versions through this software.