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Problem with Ms WD on ASUS X670E-F gaming wifi

Level 8

Hi all,

i have just built my new pc wirh an 7800x3D, all is fine till now.

The only problem is that i can't see in WIN 11 or in bios at least my "2 years old" M2 that was working perfectly till yesterday

Win 11 is on a new M2 in the top slot, i have tryed the old one in all the 3 remaining M2 slots.. but nothing... win do not detect it, neather the bios ... any suggestion!?

M2 image:



Level 8

noone can confirm it is not supported in any way?

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Never666 

Thank you for reaching out to us.
May I ask if the issue with the M.2 SSD occurred after installing it on the new PC, and if you reinstall it back on the original PC, does the M.2 SSD work correctly?
For the new PC, have you updated the BIOS to the latest version 2007 and cleared CMOS?
Kindly refer to the steps in [Motherboard] Troubleshooting - Cannot find the hard disk drive or SSD(M.2) after motherboard powers....
And we recommend cross-testing different M.2 ports or other M.2 SSDs if needed.

Thank you.

sharing complete hardware info & software config details will help us better understand the issue 🙂

Hi Jiaszz

M2 was working fine on old PC on Asus Z270 (290?) ..something with i/7 7700 

On the new mobo first of all i updated bios to 2007 before to install any HD/M2, then i installed an M2 in slot A for windows11

Then I tryed this M2 in slot  b, c, d but bios do not see it

Since i needed some file on it i bought an adaptor for SATA connectors and now it is working as a Sata HD since yesterday afternoon



Unfortunately old pc is disassembled,

About the new PC i