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PLEASE HELP - After bios update PC goes to bios after every power on

Level 7

Hi folks, so few days ago I updated MB bios 3603 to 4802 (ASUS TUF gaming X570) and also updated AMD chipset in windows, I think there was also some windows update same time.

After that whenever I power ON PC it goes to bios, once I just leave the bios (no changes made) and system restart all ok, I get to windows (10). When I restart later, also all ok. If I power off, power on,goes to bios.

I was checking bios after POWER ON and found there is no any bootable device visible, when I press F8 (Boot menu) there is message "The system cannot find any bootable devices". System is on M2 SSD and whats even more strange bios doesnt see the NVME drive at all under advanced/Nvme controller and drive information, after restart nvme is visible under advanced as well as bootable drive visible.

I think biggest change bios made is that it somehow activated my TPM module which had to be disabled before as windows 10 was telling me Iam not ready to switch to win11, after bios update windows offered me upgrade to install win11, not sure If this can be connected to the issue.

If need I can share pictures from bios, this is not 1st time I updated bios and didnt happen before, well Iam not sure If it is caused by bios or chipset/windows update but If bios doesnt see the drive I guess reason was bios update.
CMS is disabled in boot section of bios.