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-Pcie Gen 5 BIOS 1501 settings for Z790-e

Level 7

I have a Asus Z790-e gaming mob with BIOS 1501 installed. CPU is Intel I5 13600k with 32 GB of DDR 5 ram. Running Win 10 Pro with latest ****** updates etc. Win 10 Pro is installed on a Samsung 990 m.2 ssd (1 tb). I am using a Corsair cpu cooling system. 

Windows on the Samsung 990 runs great and is installed on M.2 slot 3. 

My problem is: I just purchased a CORSAIR MP 700 1tb m.2 ssd. This is installed in slot m.2 slot 1. I cloned the MP 700 from my Samsung 990 Windows 10.  The BIOS is set in the normal mode and is not overclocked. The BIOS recognizes  the MP700 and is in the 1st load position and boots and runs ok into  Win 10.

When I run  disk speed tests the MP700 only reaches 7200 mps not even close to the advertised 11000 speeds advertised. Sometimes the disk speed tests come in at 3300 mps. This slower speed happens when I use BIOS "advanced" and select PCH, m.2 slot 1 and choose GEN 5.

Q: what are the correct BIOS settings to run M.2 slot 1 at GEN 5 ?

Thanks in advance for suggestions.




Customer Service Agent

Hello, @JZ790C 

Could you please confirm the model number of your current motherboard, whether it is the ROG STRIX Z790-E GAMING WIFI or ROG STRIX Z790-E GAMING WIFI II, and have you cleared the CMOS after updating the BIOS?
During the test of the CORSAIR MP 700 1TB M.2 SSD read/write speeds, were there any graphics cards installed in the PCIE16 (G5) slot, or were multiple M.2 devices installed simultaneously?
We recommend testing with only one M.2 SSD installed at a time.
In the BIOS, please set the PCIe Bandwidth Bifurcation Configuration in Onboard Devices Configuration to [X8/X8], save the settings, and then restart the system to observe the results.

Thank you.

Hi Jiaszzz_ROG

I am using ROG STRIX Z790-E GAMING WIFI with Intel i513600k and 32 gb ram.

I have NOT cleared the CMOS...but will do.

I have a Nvidia GTX 1070 gpu in (G5 slot)

I have 3 other m.2 ssd's: (1) Intel m.2 for data and backup images in slot M,2_4 (2) Samsung 990 SSD in M.2_5 (this 990 has the Windows 10 pro OS as a 2nd install of Windows 10 pro). (3) I have a 2 TB Solidigrm ssd in slot m,2_3. 

The MP700 corsair Gen 5 is in M.2_1

I have entered the BIOS and set  the PCIe Bandwidth Bifurcation Configuration in Onboard Devices Configuration to [X8/X8.

What about the GEN 5 settings in Advanced System Agent area of the BIOS ?

I am waiting for some new THERMAL tape for the MP700 Pro. 

I do have the ASUS heatsink in place.

One of my goals is to speed up my startup/boot time.  Currently the BIOS time is approx 17 sec and total is approx 32 sec. 

Thanks for reaching out to me.