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PCH Temps

Level 9

Hello everyone,

I have a ROG STRIX Z790-F GAMING WIFI and installed three NvME SSDs on it (two Samsung 980 Pro 2 TB and one Samsung Pro 990 Pro 4 TB).
All are connected via the PCH.
I would be interested in your PCH temperatures, just for context.
Mine are between 62 - 65 degrees Celsius when idle.
Under load at 59 - 60 because then the 4090 blows on it 🙂
I would also be interested to know whether these are temperatures that are harmless to the PCH.
The temperatures were read using HWinfo.

Thank you!




Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Vatergascoigne 

Based on your description, the temperature range seems normal.
If you have any discussion needs, I may relocate your post to the proper category: HARDWARE & BUILD ADVICE if you'd like.

Thank you.

Level 11

I have the same motherboard and 4x NVME installed.

Controlled 1x via the CPU and 3x via the chipset/PCH.

Your temperatures are normal because the graphics card sits exactly in front of the chipset/pch and this is only actively chilled by the graphics card fans when the GPU fans start up.

It's the same for me, even though I have 3x 140mm fans in the front of the case that blow towards the chipset/PCH.
The graphics card simply covers the chipset/PCH too much.

Don't worry, everything is OK with the temperatures.

You can also deactivate WLAN, Bluetooth and Thunderbolt in the UEFI/Bios (I don't use any of that) if you don't use some of them.
This allowed me to lower my PCH temperature from IDLE 69 degrees to around 66 degrees (room temperature is around 21-23 degrees).

Intel Core i7 13700K / AiO Fractal Design Lumen S36 v2 RGB / Asus Rog Strix Z790-F Gaming WIFI / Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR5-5600 64GB (4x 16GB) / Asus TUF RTX 4070 ti OC / 4x Samsung 980 pro 1TB / Seasonic Prime GX 850 W Gold / Fractal Design Meshify 2 Lite RGB Black TG Light Tint / Monitor AOC Q27G2S/EU (WQHD)

Hello, all clear, thank you very much for the feedback!