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PC won't boot properly from cold start

Level 8

Hey everyone,
I have a weird problem with my new build. I recently changed almost all of my old components and got myself:

Motherboard: Asus ROG Maximus Z790 Hero
Memory: Kingston Fury Dimm 32 GB DDR5-6000 Dual-Kit
Cooling: NZXT Kraken Elite WK
Graphics (from old system) : Gigabyte Nvidia 24 GB D6X RTX 3090 OC 24G

Power: Bequiet 850W straight power

HDD: WD Black SN 770 NVMe SSD and WD Black SN 750 NVMe SSD (from old system) ; both on an Asus Hyper M.2 Card on PCIe 4

Problem is, the system won't boot properly from a cold start and will always stop while loading Windows 10. You will see the "Republic of Gamers" logo and the running loading circle, but it won't go any further and the only option is to perform a reset. There is no error message or anything else, only the Q-Code will show 31 (memory installed).

Once you have done a reset you might run into the same problem again (had this 5-6 times before he got into Windows) or it'll load into Windows but on seemingly very low performance. The cursor stutters and it takes a good while to enter the PIN to get onto your Desktop. 

Once you perform a restart while Windows has been fully loaded there is no problem at all and the performance and temperatures are just fine. You can restart as many times you want and it'll always load the OS without a problem. Once you turn the computer off and leave it for several hours, you will go through the whole problem of "not booting" again.

I disabled fast boot in bios and also the fast boot option in windows. I also tried to disable the AI Tweak option in bios.

Any advice would be helpful. 


Level 7

i feel like i have something similar with my Z790-E GAMING WIFI, but some cold boots i get black screens for 4 minutes or so with and with a few reboots one will boot all the way then its normal again. does same with a gtx980 and a rtx4070 so not vd card.  just strange things about this Z790 platform starting to regret it.

Super Moderator

Hi @golgarit 

On installing the new hardware have you performed a clean install of Windows?

Is XMP enabled? If so confirm the behaviour is replicable at Optimised Defaults by clearing CMOS, removing all overclocking.

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Level 12

I'm betting it's what's called cold solder on the motherboard.

You might want to test the above and do some proper troubleshooting before jumping to obscure conclusions

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Hey, thanks for the reply!

It is a clean installation and I cleared CMOS a while ago because I changed the battery. I'll check on XMP and will post the results! 

I checked on XMP and it is disabled. Had the same problem with it being enabled though.

Make sure to update the UEFI to 0801 

Remove all USB devices connected to the rear and front IO and see if the issue persists: You may want to list all devices so customer service agents can better assist you.

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

I unplugged all USB devices, I even got new screens, and the problem is still there.
I noticed however, that when I leave it turned on (~5 Minutes) while being stuck in the loading screen and not reset right away, it only needs one reset to fully load into windows.  

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @golgarit 

May I ask if the situation you described happened after any changes were made? For example, updating the BIOS or connecting an external device
What is the current BIOS version? If you haven't updated to the latest version 1801, we recommend trying the update and checking again.
Regarding the issue of an unsuccessful POST resulting in Q-code 31, this indicates an issue with memory installation.
Could you confirm if the memory you have installed is listed in the QVL for the ROG MAXIMUS Z790 HERO and is placed in the recommended DIMM_A2 and B2 slots according to the user manual?
For further guidance, you can refer to the instructions provided in [Motherboard] How to query (CPU/memory) QVL List? and "purchasing and installation guide" on the official website support page.
Additionally, we suggest checking for any stains or damage in the slots, ensuring the CPU is correctly installed, and inspecting the pins for any bends.

Thank you.