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PC shutting down suddenly and randomly

Level 7


Hi, my pc keeps having shut down and don’t restart again unless I turn off the power supply from the back, that happens randomly and in between the pc works perfectly even under load, hours of gaming and stress test, my pc is quite new I just built it 4 month ago everything seems working great, never enabled Expo for memory overclocking bc the soc issues and left everything default in bios.

I ran the stress tests from OCCT and tested RAM from windows memory diagnostics, I rechecked the cables and changed the power outlet.

I need help with this issue how can I diagnose or or fix the problem.


CPU: AMD 7950 3D

GPU: RTX 3080ti

RAM: G.skills 64gb 6000MHz

MB: asus x670E Crosshair

PSU: asus Thor 1600w