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Optical sound output issue - crackling noise

Level 7

Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help with to diagnose my computer. I'm not native english speaker, but i'll try my best to descibe the issue.

I have a bose tv soundbar connected to my PC with an optical cable. For most of the time, it is perfect, no problem at all. However, recently from time to time, my soundbar will start to make crakling noise. I've tried to look up online, but couldn't found much about the issue, so I'm hoping if someone here can help me to solve the problem. 

Here are a few more comments on the problem. 

1. During the crakling noise happens, if I play music (or if the computer tries to make sound) the soundbar will remain silent and doesn't make any noise, not the intended music or sound content nor the crakling sound, just slient.

2. If i switch the sound output to another source (head phone for examaple), the crackling noise will remain, and I'll be able to play sound conetent on my headphones. 

3. If i turn off the computer and turn back on, the crackling noise will be gone,and i can play sound content through sound bar just like normal 

4. When the crakling noise happens, if i manually turn off the soundbar. after a few minutes, the sound bar will automatically turned on (soundbar has auto-on feature) and have that crackle noise 

5. when the crakling noise happens, if i disconnect the optical cable, the soundbar will not make a sound. 

6. adjusting the soundbar sound level doesn't change the volume of the crakle noise 

7. So far this seems to be randomly happening. sometime happens during watching youtube, today happened when i connect my VR. I don't see a pattern in triggering the event.

This issue first appear a few months ago, but after a few system and driver updates, it was gone for a while. Recently this issue came back again, but I don't remember there has been a update in recent time. 

it seems like the only way to fix this is to restart the computer. But I don't know what is wrong and how to prevent this, and I'm not sure if it' bose soundbar's issue or the sound driver. 

Here is my PC spec for reference

1. ROG STRIX Z690-E with 1300K, BIOS ver.2703

2. 3080 Hybrid Graphic's card

4. 32Gb 5600mHz corsair RAM

I can provide more information if needed. 

did anyone else has this problem?


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Kuma_tw 

According to your description, please consider updating the BIOS to version 3101 and clearing CMOS before verifying once again.
If possible, we recommend cross-testing with different cables or digital optical audio device to further confirm if the audio anomaly persists.

Thank you.