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Occasional stuck on boot with white VGA QLED, black screen, no asus logo, no POST, nothing

Level 8

MB: ASUS ROG Strix Z790 f gaming wifi
CPU: Intel core I9 13900K
RAM:  G.SKILL DDR5 - 5600 2x16 GB
GPU: ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 4070 Ti 12GB GDDR6X OC Edition, VBIOS V2
Screen: ASUS TUF Gaming VG27A
BIOS: default settings, version 2202

SSD: 2 WD-BLACK SN770 500 GB and 1 Samsung SSD 980 Pro 500 GB

GPU to screen connected using DisplayPort cable.

Sometimes, about 1/20 times, my computer stuck on boot with white VGA QLED on (either cold boot or by windows restart function). It has not come to display ASSU logo yet, all black screen and stuck so forever. If I restart by pressing power button to turn off, then turn on again, it will boot normally into Windows 11 and everything works fine, no crash, no issue (except explorer sometimes auto pop to front, which is a known issue of Windows 11 and has not been fixed so far), gaming is fine.

I reseated everything and the issue is still there. I have been waiting to update BIOS twice (about 1 year already) and nothing change.

So, not sure if anyone have the same issue and have solutions, so, I just post it here.

Currently, switching to use HDMI cable to see if the issue is still there. But I dont want to use HDMI because my screen is G-SYNC Compatible and only works via DisplayPort cable.

If the issue still occurs, it means it is not DisplayPort issue and I have to live with it till new BIOS or VBIOS update.

If the issue goes away, it means the issue so far is with DisplayPort, my GPU and my screen, I will change DP cable to check again.




Level 8

Update: HDMI cable still show the issue. Guess have to wait for update.


Yes, I tried as described in my original post. The issue is still there.


Thank you

It's recommended to disable the igpu and set the Primary display to PCIe or PEG.

In the bios, go to the Advanced tab, Graphics Configuration, Primary Display, select PEG or PCIe.

Hit F10 and Enter to save and Exit.

Does this fix the random black screen issue when booting?





I set it to PCIe now.

Need some time for the issue to show up if there is. We'll see.

Btw, the entry is in Advanced-->System Agent (SA) Configuration-->Graphics Configuration

Seems like working. So far, not occur anymore. Will inform more if it happens again with this setting.

Does not work. It occurs again. 

Currently, trying a new fix: Explicitly set graphic card PEG slot to gen4 instead of auto.

If this still happens, I will then enable CSM, but this requires disable resize bar.

Anyway, read about the above 2 fixes on net.

And if it still happens, one last fix, which is actually I dont think it is really a fix. It is to explicitly turn off monitor when shutdown and turn on monitor when power up. Some say that asus monitor may take long time from waking up and result in this issue and so far, I never turn off my asus monitor. But turning on and off monitor each time seems too much im comparison to just keeping it always on and when this issue occurs, simply reboot.

After trying all these 3 fixes and it still happens, guess just live with it then.


Level 12

Hi @hypergeome , did you install your GPU in the 1st PCIe Slot next to the CPU? Or did you install it in one of the other PCIe slots? Your GPU card should be installed in the 1st PCIe slot.

Disclaimer: I am not an ASUS support person so my information may be incomplete. Always follow official documentation and material provided by ASUS representatives.

INTEL i9-14900K / CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB 192GB (4x48GB) 5200 CAS38 / ROG Z790 DARK HERO / ROG TUF GAMING RTX 4090 OC / ProArt PA-602 Case / SEASONIC PRIME TX-1300 ATX 3.0 / CORSAIR MP700 PRO 2TB PCIe Gen5 / CRUCIAL T500 2TB PCIe Gen4 / EIZO CG2700X

Yes, the one that is PCI 5.0 ready, which is called the PEG slot in this case. So, I explicitly set it to use PCI 4.0 already and so far, seems like it works.