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NO OPTICAL AUDIO OPTION - New Z790-E Gaming WiFi II ROG STRIX with Realtek drivers installed

Level 7

Hello, Got a new Z790-E Gaming WiFi II ROG STRIX setup and running with Windows 10.
(Tried Windows 11 but after a week of BSODs I formatted everything and went 10)

I installed the Relatek drivers for this board from this board's download page.

So what? There is no optical audio option. I have the optical audio plugged into my soundbar (which iroinically woked in Win 11)--but Windows 10 does have any optical audio option in Sound or Settings--even though I right click and select Show Disabled. I've tried the tiny, short, cute optical cable that came with this mobo as well as a longer one I bought. No go.

How can I tell Windows 10 that this motherboard ALSO HAS OPTICAL AUDIO?

Thank you if you can make a contribution towards a solution.


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @AnotherOpus 

Based on your description, you can correctly use the optical S/PDIF output connected via the rear panel in Windows 11, but fail after reinstalling the system to Windows 10.
Even with cross-testing both the original cable and a separately purchased one, the issue persists. 
May I ask for your current BIOS version?
If you haven't updated to the latest version 0801 released on December 22, 2023, please consider updating and clearing CMOS to reconfirm.
Additionally, could you provide the connected device, photos of the optical S/PDIF port after booting the PC, along with the current version of the relevant drivers?

Thank you.

Level 11

Once the optical cable is connected, see if you can see the red light on the other side of the cable, on the connector. It should light up when the optical sound output on the mainboard is active.

Furthermore, check whether you have any unknown devices in the Windows 10 device manager.

The chipset driver etc. should also be downloaded and installed from the Asus website.
Don't rely on Windows 10 for this.
You can also install Armory Crate from Asus. It will help you install all the necessary drivers.

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