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(NEW INSTALL) Windows 11 setup not showing any drivers

Level 7

So recently I made a brand new pc (Motherboard is ASUS Prime B550-PLUS) and I'm trying to install Windows 11, however it keeps saying that no drivers are found. I tried a bunch of different solutions, such as changing USBs, updating the BIOS, even downloading the chipset driver on the Asus website, and nothing has changed, it still shows the "no drivers were found". I found out other people have had the same issue with the same exact motherboard, does anyone have any pointers on what I should do to fix this?


Level 7


Level 7

Nvm Microsoft just sucks ass at their job  was able to fix it smh

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @VoidxDF 

For the OS installation, we recommend following the steps in [Motherboard] How to Install Windows 11.
May I ask if you are encountering issues at step 6 in the above FAQ, or have you completed the OS installation and are now facing problems with driver installation?
If it is the former, could you provide detailed information and screenshots of the issue?
Kindly consider cross-testing with other installation media or hard drives if needed. 
If it is the latter, please refer to the following two FAQs for troubleshooting:
Is there any suggestion procedure to install the drivers?
[Motherboard] How to install motherboard drivers and utilities?

Meanwhile, the ROG forum is specifically for discussions related to the ROG or TUF gaming series products. 
If you have inquiries regarding non-gaming series motherboards, we recommend posting your discussion on Zentalk>Motherboard.

Thank you.

sharing complete hardware info & software config details will help us better understand the issue 🙂