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New feature request (RDP Installation && Fan rename)

Level 7

Good afternoon Armory Crate development team.
Can you add two things:
1) The ability to install Armoury Crate over RDP
2) In the built-in Fan Expert, the ability to rename fans (or add an additional description to them) would be very useful. So that fans are not called "Chassis fan 1". They could be renamed to "GPU Chassis Fan", but you could also see the connector to which the fan is connected on the motherboard.



Customer Service Agent

Hi @blademoon ,

based on your issue, may I ask which product you're currently using that require the use of Armoury Crate?

We will forward your suggestions to the relevant backend team for evaluation and analysis. 

Thank you.

Hello, @blademoon 

Would you kindly confirm that you want to install Armoury Crate via the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)?
Could you please provide more details about your current use case and the requirements for such a setup?
Concerning the renaming of fans in armoury crate, I have forwarded this to the relevant department for further confirmation.

Thank you.

sharing complete hardware info & software config details will help us better understand the issue 🙂