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New EVA02 crashing in games

Level 7

Hi all,

Cyberpunk 2077 almost instantly crashes and Alan wake 2 crashes about 30min in.

I've read about undervolting and xmp profile but I don't have an xmp option, any thoughts?

I9 14900kf



Customer Service Agent

Hi @Sollyz ,

based on your concern, could you please specify which product you believe is causing the stuttering issue during gaming? 

Kindly provide the product model. 

Have you updated your display drivers to the latest version? 

Does the stuttering issue occur only in these two games, or is it a general problem during regular use? 

Have you checked the temperatures of your CPU and GPU? 

Can you confirm the memory speed? 

Additionally, please share a screenshot of the system monitoring in the BIOS and record a video demonstrating the stuttering issue while playing games. 

Thank you.

You're so awesome for replying mate! 

My friend and I were able to pinpoint the issue, the retail shop didn't update the Asus rog z790 hero bio to the latest version 1501 and because of that it caused a ton of crashes, so far now after doing all driver updates and bios update its stable and awesome 👌

Level 10

I had this problem with the z790, you have to reduce the RAM a little in the bios, do not select XMP2.
If your RAM is 6000 MHz, go down to 5800 and see. Put AI overclocking for the processor and don't touch it.
You also have an i9, while an i5 is more than enough for a big gamer, the i9 plus 14th generation are very capricious, they are made for multitasking video office professionals. They are new, so don't push them, the processor pumps very little when playing normally.

Hi mate,

I've decided I'll take the Z790 maximum hero bios updated to 1501, (first bios version was crashing constantly) back to retail store because its causing a lot of instabilty with the gskill DDR5-6000. 

It has got to the point where it hard freezes in Alan Wake 2, motherboard temps are also concerning as they're all over the shop 108c - 17c 

Memtest86 is also showing errors against the ram.