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New build problems please help

Level 7

 i dont know what to do other than to make a thread with all the problems i have had since i got this pc, im sorry. So ill try to be straightforward.

Problems i have had since i got the pc on 01/01/2024:

-DX12 games occasionally crashing on fullscreen mode, any other mode works fine

-Bios freezing whenever i use search icon

-Windows 10 (specifically windows 10) bluescreens due to network driver (tcpip.sys) crash and recently i had another bluescreen, here it is:


here is the dump file for that recent crash: 012324-11906-01.dmp

-resetting bios one time made the pc go into a boot loophole and it didnt want to boot, so i basically kept switching memory slots and try each stick on its own and then gave up and put both sticks and then it worked somehow but it said boot failure do you want to reset bios settings, so i clicked on yes and it just worked

-Pc not booting when switching memory slots (this is different than the above mentioned problem)

-One time the pc just blackscreened all of a sudden and crashed but it was only one time it never happened again, given that here electricity isnt always stable im guessing that couldve been the issue

-A total of 2 in game crashes and both were in Dying Light 2, one happened when i was playing regularly and the other happened when i changed the graphics settings as soon as i saved it crashed, this is a different issue than having games crash on DX12 and fullscreen, the game was on windowed fullscreen normally.

-Bios settings not saving from the first time, i have to sometimes go into the bios and change them and save them again so they get saved, but ever since i reinstalled windows and bios again, this hasnt happened.

-Running driver verifier on all drivers NOT from Microsoft had my PC bluescreening as soon as i applied the driver verifier preferences and restarted, which tells me there is a driver issue, but then again i never had any bluescreen or any driver issues on windows 11 so ill switch to that, and quick note, the game issues like DX12 fullscreen crashing did still happen on windows 11, only the os driver problems were specific to windows 10.


thats about the problems i experienced so far, none of these issues i had on my older build. Here are my specs:

RTX 4090 latest game ready driver

7950X3D with latest chipset drives

b650 aorus pro ax latest bios

2x16gb 5600mhz corsair dominator memory xmp on

windows 10 pro (at this time, i will switch to windows 11 because these bluescreens never occured to me on windows 11)

980 pro ssd 2tb, contains games and os

970 evo plus ssd 240gb, has nothing on it

2tb HDD has some games and many in game recordings, use instant reply to save recordings to that drive

1tb HDD contains backup of all games and drivers incase i want to switch windows, which i have done about 5 times in the last 23 days 

FSP Hydro 12000W 80+platinum PSU


Things i tried:

-reinstalling windows and even trying different copies of windows whether its 10 or 11

-using different bios

-DDU multiple times even rolling back to a driver from OCTOBER 2023

-Literally RMA'd the first 4090 and got a whole new one, thinking the old one was the problem

-Trying different memory did still have COD crashing on fullscreen as well however i didnt try it to an extensive point where i would see if the OS issues like bluescreens occur even on different memory, just games.

-Trying different cpu, but also like memory, only tested in games, because i dont actually own these stuff i had to go to a store to test them so i just tested the games and they did have the same issue.

-Reinstalling my games

-Installing games and OS on different SSD

-Underclocking everything, literally from the RAM to the CPU to the GPU

-Making sure my temps are fine and they are, they dont exceed 60c on the gpu and cpu, except in Apex my cpu goes to 70c maybe.

-Verifying game files

-Stress testing everything, all stress tests pass perfectly fine like memtest 86, 3dmark timespy demo on steam, cinebench 30 minute stability test.

-turning off gsync and vrr

-making sure my nvidia control panel settings are default, which they are.

-running sfc /scannow

-checking all drives health and they all have good health and no bad sectors

-Disabling PBO and Prefer cache


I have no OC on any of my components other than PBO, XMP and prefer cache which i dont even think is considered as an OC


thats about it, i may have missed a couple of things but if i remember ill edit the post.

Please guys, i dont know where to go from here, any help would be appreciated and im sorry i keep posting about this, im just trying to fix the pc and RMA anything while i can if there is an issue with the hardware.



Super Moderator

Hi @Mando77 

I've moved your post to the correct section. You'd posted in Notebook Care. I would consider condensing your post into key points so that CS can respond promptly. 

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Mando77 

Based on the specifications you provided, may I inquire if you are currently using the GIGABYTE B650 AORUS PRO AX motherboard?
Could you please specify whether your build includes ASUS components?
If ASUS products are part of your current setup, we would be more than happy to assist you, as this is the official forum dedicated to our products.

Additionally, based on the scenario you described, this issue may be related to the CPU and motherboard.
We recommend reaching out to the motherboard manufacturer for further clarification.

Thank you.

Due to the ongoing regional holidays, my responses may be slightly delayed.
Thank you in advance for your patience.‌‌‌‌ 🙂