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NEVER buying an Asus Product Again - AWFUL RMA Process with $1500 ROG Crosshair X670e Extreme

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I refer to this post:

Turns out a pin was completely missing from the socket on the motherboard. Not broken, missing - it was never there. Obvious manufacturing and QA flaw, with the retailer testing and inspecting the product to confirm that this was the case. Instead of replacing the motherboard, Asus are demanding FIVE TO TWELVE WEEKS to assess the motherboard and REPAIR it - this is in direct breach of Australian law. So, I'm without my rig for up to 3 months while they f*ck about and attempt to find a reason not to honor the warranty. Plenty of other posts are claiming similar issues with their now warranty process.

It will be replaced as they have no choice, but I shouldn't have to fight for it. This is likely what is causing the plethora of the same problems posted all over the net, including these problems, that Asus fails to accept any responsibility for.

Shame as I've been an Asus fanboy for 20 years and have always bought even their mice and headsets. Never again. 

FYI the legal breach:
"The Australian Consumer Law provides an implied or “statutory warranty” which protects consumers and provides that goods must be of an “acceptable quality” even if the retailer or supplier does not offer a warranty. The Australian Consumer Law defines “acceptable quality” as “fit for all purposes for which goods of that kind are commonly supplied, acceptable in appearance and finish, free from defects, safe and durable”. If the goods supplied are not of an acceptable quality the supplier or retailer is obliged to provide the consumer with a replacement product or refund."


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