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Maximus Hero Z790 motherboard compatibility problem.

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I am at my 20th asus PC constructions and I have never had so many compatibility problems, yet all the internal parts have been chosen.

- The RAM 6600 MHz is restrained at 4800, 5100.
- The disc M2 is detected, but does not detect a volume to install Windows. Also automatically it does not detect itself in the part of the BIOS Starter Order List.
- I have an i5 13600K I am supposed to succeed in using the internal graphics card of the motherboard and that even without pilot, but it is not possible the screen does not light I must use an external graphics card.
- The keyboard responds in F2 to enter the BIOS, but does not respond in the BIOS and nor to be able to install Windows to put its Windows key, so how to create the volume of the disc M2 using command guest if the keyboard does not answer?
- A hard HDD disc of brand Seagate its serial number is compatible with the motherboard, after searching for a swql list on other device.
- No XMP2 either, while mother cards 10 years ago they have XMP2.
- Overclocking IA poses problem of stability, while all components are chosen by the SWQL list of my motherboard on the Asus site.

So many things that is problematic, from which this has never happened to me with all these years of PC constructions. For what ?
What's going on with this motherboard?

Who can really help me with all my problems, except to bring it to the technician who could cost me hundreds of euros?


Accepted Solutions

I followed these instructions to resolve the issue. It's all good for the records

However, I had to uncheck the "hide drivers not compatible with this computer's hardware" box, because the controller was missing, I only had the managed one.

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Might be an idea to list the memory kit part number first and foremost?

XMP II as it pertains to at BIOS level is the profile containing the default DIMM timings. XMP I is the board-optimised timings and the profile validated by ASUS. You seem to be getting this conflated with the Intel Certified Technology XMP 3.0. ALL DDR5 XMP memory kits are Certified XMP 3.0.

What keyboard? Is it wired or using an RF receiver / BT?

You shouldn't be enabling AI OC or XMP before installing the operating system. See AIOC Instructions within the UEFI.



13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Hello, thank you for taking my problem.

RAM Serial number: CMH64GX5M4B6600C32

All swql.
HDD SWQL HDD disc according to the Linete,
Ram Swql according to the list,
M2 also Swql according to the list.

When I speak XMP, I do not have the XMP2 yet existing in a little very old Asus Z390 motherboard.
But, if my ram is decor
If the BIOS has that the XMP, but that the RAM has already xmpp3 then AUNUN PROBLAME.

But, I encounter all the unknown problems flowing to find the problems. Pour the moment I am in full search of the user lies on the Internet to solve problem internal graphics card of the motherboard, the compatibility of the M2 to put the volume nonexistent in the BIOS and yet it sees my M2 installed.

The keyboard no it does not answer, another touch. He answers when I can do F2 for the locator in the BIOS that's all. Yet Jesse that he operates on other machines without Aunun Problame and he lights up when the PC is plugged in, then the problem comes from the inner of the mother card to the BIOS.

It's good I have set first problem on the keyboard. He works. I simply disconnect and reconnect the small USB Bluetooth key compatibility key from my keyboard.

I will finally be able to solve the problem of unregulated timing and certainly be able to create a volume which is nonexistent in the BIOS, for my disc M2.
But, this is another story, I don't remember how to do this in the guest of order.

I have to install Windows before solving the elaborate problems?

Hi, you still are misunderstanding the distinction.

The BIOS profiles  XMP I, II, and Tweaked profiles have nothing to do with the Intel Certified Technology 3.0 naming convention. Your memory kit is certified XMP 3.0 as is the board.

XMP I = ASUS optimised timings, and the profile used to validate the memory kit for QVL

XMP II = The default DIMM profile

XMP Tweaked = Various tweaks to memory subsets and settings.

All three of these profiles are XMP 3.0 Certified, as the memory kit is.

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

In the BIOS I only have XMP 1. No other possible choice.

But this is not the most important problem.

For the moment I am looking for the means how to create the volume not recognized in the motherboard. The BIOS sees that I have a disc M2, but not detectable at Windows installation.

After installing Windows I will solve HDD problems.

He sees in the BIOS starting part anyway the disc SSD, but no M2.

After Windows I will look to solve the problem of the graphics card integrated into the motherboard, in which the screen does not light up, forcing that using the external PCIE graphics card.

Here, we see DDR5 6600 MHz and are restrained at 4800 MHz, I don't know how to solve this problem, but it is not the most important. I will see this later when I will be quiet after also solving the problem of the graphics card in the motherboard, everything after installed Windows.

Then we see on storage information:
- A disc HDD Seagate. 1t
- a samsung 1t disc disc
- a 2t Kingston disc M2
- Then a USB key which is the Windows installation.

When the engine starts :
- Windows installation USB in 1st
- Disc Samsung in 2nd position.
- Disc HDD Seagate in 3rd position.

I wish to be able to succeed in putting my disc M2 in 2nd position and th en install Windows on it.


That's the JEDEC Speed. You can see directly underneath that XMP is active. Press F7 to go to Extreme Tweaker and you'll see the correct profile and frequency is selected.

Boot priority won't change what you can install on a particular drive.

What happens when you boot from the USB pen? Did you create a bootable media disc?

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Thank you I found this XMP2 where you directed me I completely forgot this menu. 😄

For the installation question, in fact I went to the link you gave me and I took “Create Windows 11 installation media”
So, now in my USB stick so I can install. The problem is I can't find my M2 disc, neither at startup nor when choosing installation partitions.

However I put it in, new to the construction of the PC. And the choice of SFYRD/2000G is chosen according to the motherboard compatibility list.

See image that I cannot find when starting this M2.
However, in the advanced menu/storage configuration of the PCH chip it exists and is detected.




I followed these instructions to resolve the issue. It's all good for the records

However, I had to uncheck the "hide drivers not compatible with this computer's hardware" box, because the controller was missing, I only had the managed one.