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Maximus Hero VIII and Windows 11 & TPM

Level 7

After all the frustration I have felt with forum users not posting  correct/specific answers to questions, this has prompted me to create this post. I know the questions were old and the forums have been locked, but I wanted to post an update to this topic.

I have The Asus Maximus Hero VIII board and the i7 K6700 processor and Windows 11 is fully compatible with this setup using a clean install of Windows. Many posts say the TPM settings are hidden in the BIOS. This is half true. This board has a 14pin TPM header on it and with the proper TPM 2.0 module and turning on Secure Boot, the Win 11 install works perfectly. I recommend purchasing an actual ASUS manufactured module, not generics or one from AliExpress-"cringe" as I have seen posted. Here is a link to the module I purchased for $26 US.

All you need to do is power off your PC, disconnect power from the PC, install the module. Next reconnect power and enter the BIOS on boot up. The TPM settings are now there in the BIOS under the Advanced tab. Everything was set correctly by default for me. After confirming the TPM is set and enabled, restart the PC. Windows 11 will install with a "Clean Install" - A blank HD using the latest bootable installer on a USB drive.  ***Note: If you do not use the newest installer from Microsoft, you may encounter an issue with the PC not updating past the latest major update. Example: cumulative update 22H2 not updating to 22H3.

With Secure Boot and TPM 2.0, Windows 11 Will install and work with most 6th Gen processors using a clean install. An in place upgrade will fail complaining about compatibility. At work, for the last six months we have been updating 6th Gen processors on a variety of brands and models, so far all have worked fine.   On 5th Gen, not so much. Win 11 works for them, but runs like a snail and not worth the effort.

I hope this post helps people out there that aren't ready or able to update their pc, yet.