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Marvell AQtion 10gbit adapter on my X670E Extreme only works every 1-10 bootup

Level 7

Hey everyone,

since I have bought my ROG Crosshair X670E Extreme in Q1 of 2023 I have issues with the onboard 10gbit NIC from Marvell not working properly. 

The ethernet adapter seems to work only every 1-10 bootup. When it fails I have to either restart the computer as long as the problem occurs (which can be something between 1 reboot or sometimes more) or deactivate->activate the adapter in Windows or disconnect and connect the cable to make it work properly. The Windows Eventviewer shows a warning everytime it fails which you can see in the picture I attached.


I have updated my BIOS, reinstalled Windows 11 several times, used different drivers from either the Asus website or the Marvell website, tried different settings (like Energy Efficient Ethernet mode off) etc. but nothing seems to work.

This really drives me crazy and I wish I could use my (really expensive) mainboard as intended. Is there somebody who has experienced a similar problem? Every little piece of help is appreciated.


Well, on the marvell site, under network adapters, are like 8-10 different chipsets supported.  Maybe try some of the other ones.  It appears they check if the firmware is valid for the device at hand, so if one works, you're probably good with it.

According to the drivers the 10g adapter on the board is an AQC113 and the Marvell only has support for AQC112 and lower 😞