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M.2 slots and SATA slots Tuf gaming z690

Level 9

I have a SATA SSD connected to my motherboard for my OS (TUF Gaming z690 plus Wi-Fi D4). I'm about to install an M.2 NVME. I'm told that using an NVME slot will disable a SATA slot.

My question is that I can't find any info about is, Which M.2 slots disable which SATA slots. Or does using a single NVME slot disable ALL Sata slots? ALSO... would using the top M.2_1 slot interferes with the 16 lanes for my GPU.

Thank you for your time!


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @creatureye 

The bandwidth allocation may vary for different models.
According to the specifications of the TUF GAMING Z690-PLUS WIFI D4, the M.2 slot does not share bandwidth with any SATA devices or GPU.
If you have concerns regarding the specifications, you may refer to the TUF GAMING Z690-PLUS WIFI D4's user manual.

Thank you.

Thank you for the helpful reply.

I couldnt find anything about it in the manual about it at all and when I got ahold of ASUS support online chat, they weren't sure, and the woman at ASUS told me that its possible all SATA ports would be disabled with use on just 1 NVME with this board, and also told me its possible the GPU will slow down to 8 lanes if I use the M.2_1 slot. But since she wasnt sure about it I thought I would ask here. Thank you for all your information! Really appreciate it! 

Level 9

OK so Im wondering which M.2 socket would be best. The 1st M.2 socket communicates directly with the CPU. The other M.2 sockets are PCIe-4x4 or SATA and they communicate with the Chipset. Is communicating directly with the CPU fastest with no disadvantages?

I know that, with many motherboards, using the 1st M.2 socket steals lanes from the first GPU PCIE 16 socket but there is no mention of this in the TUF manual at all. And the ASUS Bitfercation table is a bit confusing to me.

Should I just install my NVME in the M.2_2 SOCKET so I still get the full 16 lanes for my GPU?