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Low volume from Line out port

Level 8

I've seen this problem reported before and I have had this problem since I bought my ASUS ROG Maximus Z790 Hero last year. Everything mentioned in this thread is true for me:

The only thing that works is plugging my audio into the front panel port. I don't know if Asus are aware of the issue and or what it can be, but something interesting mention in the thread was the PSU mentioned, I have the exact same PSU as mentioned on page two, a Corsair RM1200x Shift 1200W. Would this be any clue to the issue? Another clue is that I connect my audio through another device(speakers), but when I connect directly to the line out the volume is correct - and to iterate: It's not the speakers, and the front panel gives the expected audio no matter how things are connected. Is the audio line out port not getting enough power from the MB, somehow detecting the plugged in cable wrong?

(please don't give me the usual "go into audio settings, update this  and that", I checked everything in audio settings, updated BIOS, reinstalled windows 11)

Right now I have to use an extension cabel to front panel just so I can get proper audio volume.


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @DanielThomas 

May I ask if the low volume issue occurs when using spatial audio technology or in specific usage scenarios? 
According to the official specifications, the rear panel Lime (Line out) port does not support spatial audio.
Therefore, abnormalities may occur during playback, and it's recommended to use the audio output port on the front side of the chassis panel to support spatial audio.

Thank you.