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Low volume from line out port

Level 7


ROG MAXIMUS Z790 HERO, BIOS 0904, win 11 fresh installation. Using 5.1 audio system - the CS-Out and RS-Out ports give good volume level, but Line-Out is extremely low. The front panel port has good volume level.
I tried different cable and speakers with no luck. I have used Realtek USB Audio Driver VB6.3.9600.2342, then moved to 6.3.9600.2355 with complete cleanup as suggested here on forum.
The room correction in realtek audio control does not work at all.Screenshot 2023-06-19 205827.png


Level 8

This sounds very similar to the problem I and a couple others are having with our ASUS AMD X670E Crosshair Hero boards. See this link...

I only run a 2.0 speaker system so only use the analog Line Out from the motherboard. The odd temporary 'fix' for me is to plug a 3.5mm plug to the case headphone jack. For some reason this bumps the audio back up. See if that does the same thing on your board. Maybe a long shot but worth a try.


This has to be a manufacturer issue.

I have exactly the same problem on a BRAND NEW build

 Fresh components, latest Windows 10 with all drivers from the flash drive.

3.5mm Jack on the motherboard produces extremely low volume.

I never change my sound settings. Always 20 on Windows and 50% on the actual speakers. 

And when plugged into the jack on the chassis.

The volume is almost 10x louder. 

What on earth is going on? £600 motherboard should not be having this issue. 


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @HOOK 

I have updated the reply on your thread.
Kindly confirm further. Thank you.


I'm just glad to was not me!!!  I purchased the Z790 Max Hero to to build new Water-cooled system and I'm have same problem.  I already updated Bios and matching ME... thought it was the long 3.5 cord i purchased at first.  Than used same 3.5 and speaks with  a different ROG Z790 Strix - E Gaming with same bios updates no problem's with audio using 2.1 stereo...

Now i can at least know nothing was damaged during install... will need to follow this posting for fix.  

Hook, thank you I did try plugging headphones in bumped the levels!


Level 7

Hello again. So I returned this board via warenty, and took another one. This one a bit fresher, 0816 out a box vs 0703 the old one had. Well, guess what, I'm still here. This is really frustrating, I don't want to gave up on this board and look for other brands. And sucks that we have to deal with it on our own. I would want to know that there is a people who 100% don't have this problem.

@daveg13 I appreciate you reply. Yes, if i plug in headphones to front panel header (the case aux) it boost up the front speakers, not sure ifto the correct level, but it does. The thing is, you get sound from the front speakers only - centr/back are turning off. If you switch sound output in windows from headphones back to realteck - the problem returns.

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @hlpmeob1 

Regarding the low volume of the line output port in the 5.1 channel description, do you mean that the orange audio source port of the controller or subwoofer has a problem of too low volume?

To better understand your situation, please assist us in confirming the following questions:
- have you updated the Intel ME to the corresponding version in the BIOS?
For example, for the ROG MAXIMUS Z790 HERO, the latest BIOS version is 1303, and it requires Intel ME version
- when selecting the 5.1 channel configuration, what devices are you connecting?
Have you tried testing with different devices?
- how are you determining that the volume is too low?
Could you please record a video of the issue, including how it's connected and demonstrating both normal and low-volume scenarios, for us to better understand?
- we couldn't find version 6.3.9600.2355 on the official website for the ROG MAXIMUS Z790 HERO.
Could you please try using the versions released on the official website for the relevant drivers?

Thank you.

Hello. If we take your picture as example, we are talking about lime port, that goes to front speakers.

I made an video, hope it answer some of the questions.

About Intel Me, yes, every time I updated bios, I updated ME to the correct version first.

The audio driver was first taken from motherboard official support page, then it was updated to this version hoping it will solve the problem (obviously it didn't).

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @hlpmeob1 

Thank you for providing the video as well as the cross-test with different speakers.
I can clearly distinguish the difference in sound.
Could you please confirm if updating the BIOS to the latest version 1303 from the official website, along with the corresponding Intel ME version and clearing the CMOS, resolves the low volume?
If the problem persists, to further consult with the relevant department, could you please provide the following information?
- the OS build, the images of the main page and setting in BIOS, or whether it is the default
- the serial numbers of your motherboard via pm
- the brand and model name of the CPU, GPU, RAM, and PSU currently installed

Thank you.

Hello. Sorry i disappear.

Here are pictures of clear last bios & ME, problem still present.


The specs:



Intel 13700k

Asus Maximus z790 hero

Corsair vengeance ddr5 7200 16G x2

Asus 4080 oc

Samsung 980 pro nvme m2 2tb

Corsair psu rm1000x shift