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Low bench scores after cpu upgrade

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My build is probably a year old and I mostly use it to game and as a hobby so I’m pretty new at the terminology. I’ve recently upgraded my gpu to a rog strix 4090 OC from a 3080 and my aio to a 420 mm from 280 mm. After install, I used GPU tweak for a basic OC and ran benchmarks. Cinebench blue screened my pc after about 3 minutes (I had not used it in the past so I didn’t have anything to base my results on besides what I found online. Tried undervolting, cleaning, etc. reflashed bios, made sure all overclocking was undone and it completed cinebench and benchmarked close to the average for a 12900k. Since I figured there was a minor cooling problem (my cpu has always run hot, especially with the 3080 ti fe), I replaced my thermal paste, made sure everything was set properly, etc. Then, since I am who I am, I replaced my 12900k with a 13900k. Install went smoothly, booted up bios, the chip registered, opened windows and benched. The 13900k benched at the same speed as my 12900k, about 5k lower than the average 13900k. Pulled it back out, replaced it with my 12th gen after cleaning thermal paste, reattaching aio, booted bios, etc. Ran CPU-Z again and it came in about 4600 under in multi core and 460 in single. I also noticed that my chipset was running hot (around 78 C), which is new.

I’m worried I’ve damaged my motherboard or the cpu socket. Any suggestions on how to remedy this? Can link any benchs/specs needed. Thanks!

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See this thread. Other users have found good results with the TG contact frame, myself included. It certainly sounds like a thermal issue.

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