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LONG READ - Terrible Asus Service For Flagship Product - Active Issue

Level 7

Requested an Advanced RMA for a Z690 Extreme Glacial on August 12th that refuses to fully post and then just shuts down. GPU, CPU, Memory, Boot drive and Power Supply were all tested together on my test bench and checked out with no issues. So at this point the motherboard itself could be the issue, the monoblock for how integrated it is with monitoring, sensoring and etc with this board could be the issue or could be both. 

It Took until August 23rd to even get the Authorization form for the hold on my funds to send me a replacement unit which they charged me 1800 dollars for, which for that price means I should have been sent a complete replacement unit including Motherboard, Monoblock, and items for installation that either can not be reused or should not be reused like the peel and stick washers that need to be placed on the motherboard for Monoblock installation, and the pack of thermal pads for Monoblock installation.

August 31st package finally arrives and feels a bit light. Upon opening the package I see they sent just the board without the monoblock, washer pack or thermal pads. I let them know the same day about what happened and was assured that the issue would be made a priority and resolved quickly.

September 5th I hadn't received any calls or email updates about the issue so that afternoon I reached back out to see where we were at with the issue and was told that their team was validating stock so they could send the parts.

September 6th I receive an email stating "This is regarding about the ongoing case that you have with us. We would like to confirm if you would like just to receive the missing part of the unit or if you would like to have it send back to us." 

To which I replied "I would like the missing parts sent out as soon as possible. That would be the monoblock, single use washers and single use thermal pads that are required for the installation of it as well"

September 7th I am sent another email letting me know they are still looking for a solution

September 8th I am asked to send photos of the missing parts and I provided the requested information

September 9th I am sent an email letting me know they were providing the information to higher level support

"keep in mind each of these emails also say they will update you within 24-48 business hours" I heard nothing back between September 9th and September 15th so I finally reached out again 147 hours later and am conveniently told that my case was just sent to their support team mere hours before I reached out again and to wait another 24-48 hours for a response.

September 16th I am sent an email saying "The washer does not have a separate part number however the Screw Package PN is: 13MB14Q1T03011" To which I responded with "Cool, so when are you guys sending the 3 missing parts I sent photos of a week ago and notified you guys about more than two weeks ago?"

About 12 hours later I get an email response saying "
Let me check first with our service center if they have stocks to provide, before processing the request." To which I responded back with "How many times does stock need to be checked for this? I have already been told 11 days ago that stock was being checked to send me the parts."

This is where we are at after 35 days so far on what is supposed to be what they call an "Asus Rapid Replacement" that I paid 1800 dollars for. Constantly being told they are checking inventory, constantly being told I will hear back within 24-48 business hours and then not hearing back at all and still sitting here with an incomplete replacement item I can't use with my money I need on hold in my bank account.


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Froto 

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