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Intel iGPU Problem with BIOS levels after 2403 (Z690 Strix-F)

Level 7
Today I decided to re-install Windows and update the BIOS etc on my motherboard.
Firstly I did a ME Update, then BIOS Update from 2403 to 3101 and a clean install. But had then noticed a couple of strange things.
Firstly text and graphics were really blurry in windows, kind of like "chromatic aberration" with a coloured outline to text that would change as I moved things around on the screen. Then I realised the HDR option would no longer work, the slider would move across and the screen would go blank as if it's being switched on but then the slider would remain "Off"
I tried multiple display drivers, re-installing windows multiple times, reset the BIOS etc. Nothing helped.
I plugged my laptop in to the same monitor and that did not have this problem, so I tried my hardest on the laptop to replicate this issue.
At a loss after trying everything I downgraded the BIOS to 2403 which I was previously running.
I booted in to Windows 11 and the display was crystal clear and HDR was working again.
I then tried every single BIOS version after 2403 and the problem returned, something has changed in BIOS versions after 2403 which is causing an issue with HDMI Timing and HDR. Going back to BIOS 2403 the problem went away again.
I cannot see anything related to this in any of the change logs.

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @DaleR 

Thank you for providing the relevant information and images.
Based on the situation you described, the issue of text blurring, color discrepancies, and the ineffectiveness of the HDR option occurred after updating Intel ME, updating the BIOS, and reinstalling the system, and was able to be resolved by flashing back to version 2403.
Could you confirm if, during the occurrence of the issue in the 3101 BIOS version, you were using HDMI or DP for the connection?
If you cross-test with an alternative connection method, different cables, or different ports, can the problem be eliminated?
We recommend referring to the instructions in Picture or Text blur/Display Position or Resolution not correct/Screen color is abnormal or random ... for troubleshooting steps.
Additionally, if there are no specific features or requirements, you might consider staying on a relatively stable version, such as version 2403.

Thank you.

Hi Jiaszzz_ROG

Thank you so much for your reply, it really is appreciated.


The connection is via HDMI on my monitor, I have tried several different high quality cables, I have also tried the 2nd HDMI port and I have tried a different monitor. This monitor is DisplayPort compatible and I will test it with that and report back when I locate my DisplayPort cables.

When I say the HDR function does not work, I will try to explain further with what happens, there is a on/off slider in Windows to enable HDR, with a BIOS above 2403 the slider will move to the On position, the screen will go blank to switch to HDR but when the screen comes back on the slider just goes back to the Off position.

Some further information here that may be of some assistance. I have been trying to replicate this issue with the existing BIOS and another computer that also has the Intel 770 iGPU. I can get this issue to show up on any device including BIOS 2403 by setting the Refresh rate to 59.94Hz and the monitor/monitors will have exactly the same issue as I have shown in the images above.

Interestingly with a BIOS above 2403 that has this issue, there is no difference between the 60Hz setting and the 59.94Hz setting it seems as if both of those settings are identical, but what is interesting is if I set the refresh rate to 30Hz the picture is then crystal clear without this problem on the BIOS versions that have this issue. So the image issue does seem like something changed with the iGPU timing/refresh rate on versions after 2403.

I do not want to stay on 2403 and I like to keep up to date with BIOS versions, CPU Microcode and ME firmware due to vulnerabilities. This is my main computer that I use for a lot of development, technical work and content creation.

Thanks again,


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @DaleR 

I have been trying to replicate this issue with the existing BIOS and another computer that also has the Intel 770 iGPU.

Could you confirm if you have two ROG STRIX Z690-F GAMING WIFI with the same UHD Graphics 770 specifications and BIOS 3101, and the color deviation or text blur issue can be replicated entirely on both boards?
If the problem remains the same even after cross-testing by connecting the GPU or using a DP cable, could you share the following details for further investigation:
- record a video in BIOS 3101 and Intel ME version which shows the steps to replicate the issue (similar to your written description above).
- the images of the BIOS mainpage and manually adjuesting items in BIOS, or whether it is the default
- the brand and model name of the CPU, RAM (part number as well), SSD/HDD, and PSU currently installed
- the OS version and OS build

Thank you.