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Intel 13th Gen RAM Overclock Question?

Level 7

Calling all Intel/ASUS experts!

Long story short.
I am experiencing micro stutter. I want to increase my 1% lows to resolve this.
I am having a hard time finding proper terminology for ASUS motherboard voltages. I only recently learned that 12th gen and 13th gen supposedly dont have a VCCIO voltage? So much new stuff to learn coming from AMD.
I also am having a hard time finding DDR4 voltage recommendations for overclocking RAM for a 13th Gen Z790 ASUS TUF PLUS WIFI D4 board....
I have been pulling my hair out for weeks trying to fix this stutter issue. I have narrowed it down to ram and upgraded ram, but now I don't know how to properly get a safe overclock for it. I know my stutter is related to my 1% lows because they are bad from my benchmarks. Now I am just looking for one or more lovely individuals to help me figure out what specific voltages I need to tinker on this ASUS Intel board to get it to be stable and not fry the memory controller. 
Here is RAM code


I downclocked to 3800mhz so I could tighten timings to 17 20 20 38. Though I feel there is potential for a better tRFC and tREF I just left them as auto in BIOS since I didnt want to mess with them before figuring out voltages. Intel XMP 4000mhz 18 22 22 42 was unstable and slow. It is SK HYNIX die so I know I wont be able to get something like 16 16 16 36 or anything, but I know that I should be able to achieve the clock and timings I set with proper voltage as its not too crazy of an OC. tRFC and tREF recommendations are also welcome.

More info in document. If any of the pictures in the document are hard to read I will reupload into this post. I appreciate you my potential Intel/Asus expert. You are my last hope.


Level 7

Intel I7-13700k (RaptorLake), ASUS TUF GAMING Z790 PLUS WIFI D4, G.SKILL Trident Z Royal 32GB (2x16GB) 4000MHZ CL18, ZOTAC 4070ti Super Trinity OC, WD BLACK SN850X 1TB, BeQuiet Pure Power 12 M 850W, ATX 3.0, 80 PLUS GOLD, Windows 11 Pro 64bit

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Hello, @TalonRahl 

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We recommend cross-testing the memory modules listed in the TUF GAMING Z790-PLUS WIFI D4 Memory QVL list, as ASUS has verified the motherboard's stability and compatibility with modules from the list.
If necessary, please consider updating the BIOS before attempting memory overclocking.
Meanwhile, We have discussions on your topic in ROG Discussions > Overclocking & Tweaking.
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