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I9 14900k unstable once again

Level 9

So i have a system that lately developed a issue where the screen will go black and all fans hit 100%. Upon hours of reading to try and get to the source of the problem i found that in even viewer it was showing the following error WHEA-Logger 16 and sometimes 17 which i read up and it relates to chipset/gpu which i have a 4090 running with a 1000watt gold rated psu. It can work in games for hours. Decided to run cinebench with my settings set to xmp on at 7200mhz and Intel MCE Set to remove all limits cinebench r23 completed fine. Then tried cinebench 15 and got whea errors in hwinfo. So upon more reading i decided to try and apply power limits of 253watt as advised online to the cpu and then it completed a cinebench 15 test succesfully. Then tried a stress test with Intel Xtu running Avx2 and it runs fr about 1-2minutes then same issue occurs black screen and fans at 100% total system crash. Others online have advised could be signs of a faulty cpu? could anyone give me any guidance please?



Hello Stittyuk

To stop the Whea Logger errors, try disabling PCI Express Native Power Management.

This setting is found in the bios, Advanced tab, Platform Misc Configuration.





Il try that nate it black screens would it stop that?

Level 9

Tried what you suggested Nate and still getting same issues I’m stumped as to what it could now be as it is not writing memory dump files upon crashing for me to check it sdk