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i5-13600KF overheating on Rog Strix B670-F

Level 7

Hi everyone,

I built a PC with a Rog Strix B670-F and an Intel i5-13600KF (with a be quiet! shadow rock 3 on it), and every time I play game like Cyberpunk ((with ray tracing on low) or Baldur's Gate the temp jumps to 95°C+ (and 100°C sometimes).

Is it normal?
Is there any way to keep it cool?

Thanks a lot!

PS: here is the config


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @True_Scott Thank you for reaching out.

Could you please clarify if the elevated temperatures occur only during gaming sessions?
Also, do you run other high-load software simultaneously while gaming?
Please check for any BIOS updates, reviewing the thermal configuration in your build, and verifying whether the issue of high temperatures during gaming persists after clearing the CMOS.
If the issue persists, to better understand your situation, please confirm the following questions:
- Are temperatures exceeding 95 degrees Celsius related to the CPU?
How do you confirm this, through the BIOS, Armoury Crate, or third-party software?
- Apart from the CPU fan, do you have any additional case fans installed?
- the current BIOS version and the images of the setting in BIOS, or whether it is the default
- the OS version and OS build
- the circumstances and frequency of the issue, along with any software screenshots or recorded videos depicting temperature changes.
If you are using third-party software, we recommend comparing results from different software for a more comprehensive assessment.

Thank you.

Hello @Jiaszzz_ROG, sorry for the delay, I never received any notification about your answer.

It occures only when playing high-load games like Cyberpunk with the last update and DLC. I called LDLC (the store where I made built my PC), and the technician told me that those kind of tempertatures are totally normal with the last Intel processors when heavily loaded.

I already make sure that my BIOS is updated. I will try to clear the CMOS as linked on your answer (thanks for that)!

- Temperature exceeds (with spikes) 95°C some times, and I checked this by Armory Crate, HWMonitor and another third-party software (I forgot his name).
- I have 3 120mm fans on my Fractal Design Pop Silent case (you can see my config on that link :
- I'm on Windows 11 Family (22H2)
- Temperature goes up everytime I play Cyberpunk.
- For the BIOS version and the rest of your points, I have to check and send you more infos later if you really need it.

Thanks a lot!