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i5-13500 high temps with normal usage

Level 7


I recently upgraded from 4th gen intel to i5-13500 with ROG STRIX B760-A GAMING WIFI D4 motherboard (bios version 1005). Pc case is corsair 750d. 

I'm having issues with the cpu temperature suddenly increasing from around 40c (on idle) to 60c when opening applications or browsing web/youtube, and then temps drop back down. This is causing my fans to also fluctuate which creates turbulent noise - using hyper 212 black edition LGA 1700 cpu cooler.

Running Cinebench, cpu temp reaches a maximum of 95c and avg of 55c. The temps look stable after first few seconds of running the test.

I've tried re-applying new thermal paste and re-installing the cooler, and made no difference in temperature. Tried to also apply pressure on the cooler to see if the temps change in bios which they stay the same.

Asus multicore enhancement is disabled and I haven't touched the voltages.

Any ideas what is causing the temps to fluctuate so much? I'm not too familiar with the new intel cpus/platforms.