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I can't activate Resize Bar (4G Decoding option automatically disables)

Level 7

My motherboard ASUS H410M has an UEFI option "Above 4G decoding". But when I set it to "enable" and reboot, it is automatically sets itself in "disable" state.

I'm trying to enable the resizable BAR feature in my BIOS, but I'm encountering this problem.

My config:

Asus h410m-r

RTX 3070


I've updated my BIOS to the latest version.

I have CSM (Compatibility Support Module) disabled.

I enable the "Above 4G Decoding" option, then I enable the "Resizable BAR" option, and finally, "SR IOV Support."

Every time I save the changes, upon restarting, it automatically disables the "4G Decoding" option, so the "Resizable BAR" option doesn't stay enabled.

If I disable the "SR IOV Support" option and leave "4G Decoding" enabled, that change is saved. It seems like I'm encountering a conflict between these two options that prevents me from having both "4G Decoding" and "SR IOV Support" enabled at the same time.


Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @farell94 

Could you please provide detailed BIOS version information, as well as the brand and model name of the CPU, GPU, RAM (including part numbers), and PSU that are currently installed?
If possible, could you also provide a comprehensive video recording of the issue? 
This should include the steps where enabling SR IOV Support, 4G Decoding, and Resizable BAR is automatically disabled.

Thank you.