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HWInfo showing 2x Voltage reading

Level 8


Has anyone seen this before?

Looks like by VDDCR_VDD, VDDR_SOC and VDD_MISC are being reported at 2x the set values? (Asus Strix B650e-f with latest bios) UCLK and FCLK also looked to be doubled.

Is this an error with HWInfo or is there some bios issue at play here?


Screenshot 2023-09-18 172358.png

Any assistance is greatly appreciated





Customer Service Agent

Hello, @drkCrix 

May I ask if you have cleared the CMOS after completing the BIOS update?
Regarding the results from HWiNFO, were these obtained under default BIOS settings?
If not, could you please help confirm what customizations were made in the BIOS settings and provide images of all adjusted settings?
When running HWiNFO, were you also running other software or games?
Please provide detailed context and the following information to help us better understand your situation:
- the brand, model name, and part number of the DRAM currently installed
- the brand and model name of the CPU, GPU, SSD/HDD, and PSU currently installed
- the OS version and OS build

Thank you.

Level 8

Thanks for the reply @Jiaszzz_ROG 

I had done a clear CMOS after the initial flash of BIOS 1654.

Ram is GSkill F5-6000J3238F16G (2 sticks for a total of 32GB)

CPU: 7800X3D  GPU: 7900XTX

SSD: WD Black SN850 NVME  PSU: EVGA 850W Platinum

OS: Windows 11 Pro 22H2 Build 22621.2283

I haven't tried with default settings yet but I have noticed that I haven't seen the strange behavior since my last reboot.  I had been using the Radeon overlay during gaming and noticed that odd doubling of voltages and memory speeds.  I will enable the overlay tonight and see if I can replicate the issue.




Customer Service Agent

Hello, @drkCrix 

Since HWiNFO is third-party software, we recommend cross-referencing the test results with different software tools.
If you have additional test results that differ based on BIOS settings, please provide those as well, along with the parameter values in BIOS.
Alternatively, you can continue using and monitoring for any further anomalies

Thank you