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Horrible after sales service in Malaysia for a premium motherboard (ROG STRIX TRX40-XE GAMING)

Level 8

Registration Date : 2021-08-29


Serial Number:   M5M0FM135967***

Warranty : Valid until 2024-05-30


From the time i bought this motherboard brand new, the 1 Gig INTEL LAN port has never worked and also i have reported this to Asus but i never had the time to disassemble the PC and send for warranty claim as it was used in a production environment. Now recently in this 2 weeks i asked via email again regarding this matter and asked me to send the motherboard to this place:


ASUS SERVICE CENTERServeall LowyatLot 4-010. Level 4,

Plaza Low Yat No.7,

Jalan Bukit Bintang,

Off Jalan Bukit Bintang Central,

55100 Kuala Lumpur.


When i went there, i honestly felt like i was being treated like a low class citizen i felt really frustrated on why this is happening for a brand like ASUS, even ACER warranty claims were done in such a professional manner.


When i gave my motherboard to the person in charge, she dint even bother to examine the problem with the board and was told that because of some scratches ( on the areas of matte finishing where its easily scratched by fingernails), rudely told me that she cant accept this motherboard and told me to go back home.


It feels like buying a BMW Car, having gearbox issues, and told that this car has no more warranty because of the minor dent you had at the rear end of the car.


I'm really disturbed with this level of service. Contacting Asus Malaysia via email, I sent them the photos, and was told because of 2 microscopic scratches, warranty is now void. If you look at the photo, the one on the right is only dust on the washers which is easily removed by cleaning, the left one, the small minor chip caused by the Cooling AIO fans, has no electrical traces around it to cause any fault. I pay so much for a horrible service.

Please refer the attached photos:


2 things which so called void my warranty

LEFT- Is this thing so severe to cause warranty rejection?

RIGHT - I was told this is a scratch when its just some dust which can be cleaned.


After cleaning

Photo of it after being cleaned.


I hope someone from Asus look at this matter and see how ridiculous is this matter.

I'm supposed to purchase another Asus motherboard, ASUS PROART Z790-CREATOR for my Intel i9 13900K, but I'm questioning myself after what happened. 


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @rufus33 

As serial numbers contain personal information, we do not recommend publicly disclosing it.
Therefore, I have obscured the last three digits of the serial number in your post.
Regarding the issue with the 2.5G LAN (RJ45) port not functioning, were there any indicator lights showing at the time of the occurrence?

Have you attempted troubleshooting the issue by updating the BIOS or drivers, adjusting BIOS settings, or referring to [Windows 11/10] Troubleshooting - Computer Wired Network (Ethernet) Issues?

As for determining the inability to repair due to user-induced damage, further confirmation of the specific circumstances may involve personal information, so I have reached out to you via DM to confirm.
Please check your inbox at your convenience in the upper-right corner.

Thank you.

Due to the ongoing regional holidays, my responses may be slightly delayed.
Thank you in advance for your patience.‌‌‌‌ 🙂

Hello Sir, Good day to you.

The 2.5Gig Port is working fine with no issues, the 1Gig Intel LAN port is the one malfunctioning since I received the motherboard brand new.

Yes, I have tried updating the bios multiple times throughout the years as Asus was releasing bios updates, troubleshooting guides by Asus also done. In bios, even if i plug in any LAN cables, it shows as disconnected, no lights blinking at all. In windows 10 also shows the same thing where the network status just shows disconnected.

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @rufus33 

I updated our PM conversation last week, but I have not yet received your response.
If possible, please assist in confirming at your earliest convenience.

Thank you.

Due to the ongoing regional holidays, my responses may be slightly delayed.
Thank you in advance for your patience.‌‌‌‌ 🙂

Level 8

eh... i'll check and get back to you. Sorry sorry