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Headphone jack issue

Level 7

Please advise if this is the wrong forum.
Used my headphones on the weekend, and when I unplugged the headphones, I lost my ability to get sound through my speakers. Covered all the bases in troubleshooting

  • Restored a known good Windows image
  • Checked ALL audio settings
  • Swapped in a different set of speakers
  • Reinstalled the Realtek audio drivers
  • Double-checked the audio setting in the BIOS
  • Flashed a BIOS update.

After speaking with Asus, was all set to RMA my TUF GAMING B550-PLUS WI-FI II motherboard, but after I hung up, I decided to unplug the front panel audio connector on the motherboard and see what happens

Got my speakers back.

Reconnected the front panel cable again, and I lose speakers. Tried it several times.

I’m pretty sure it’s the front panel audio headphone jack on this Asus GT301 case, but would entertain other’s opinions. And if it IS the jack, will Asus send me just the front panel hardware? I dread having to tear this (3 month old) build apart and replace the whole case.



Customer Service Agent

Hello, @SilverThunderbi .

May I ask if you connect the earphones to the front I/O port of the Asus GT301 case and the speaker to the Center/Subwoofer port on the rear panel, and then when you unplug the earphones, the sound effect will not be played by the speakers automatically?
If so, please help to exchange the positions of the earphones and speakers and test whether the audio connected to the front I/O port will continue to play sound effects by unplugging the earphones on the rear panel.

Thank you.

Level 7


Switched devices as suggested and same problem. While either device is plugged into the green port of  the motherboard, plugging the second one into the front panel does not automatically select it. In fact, now I can seldom get anything out of the front panel jack. If I wiggle the plug, I get some feedback, but that's it.
Made a Linux Mint live USB stick, and same problem.
I have ordered a front panel jack and cable set from Amazon, and will give that a try when it arrives.

Since this started, automatic selection of anything plugged into the front jack is not working. I'm *hoping* it's the case and not the motherboard...