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GPU not detected. Mobo PCIe/ATX power cable question also.

Level 7

Nvidia 4070

1).  ATX connectors.  This "German" ThermalTake PSU has cables labeled with stuff that's not even in the manual.  I assume these CPU marked ones are supposed to go in the ATX_12 mobo spots.  But do I do 2 or 1 8pin'er?  I guess like GPU it depends on if it needs it or not.  I did have both at one point and it was powering on, then off for 2 secs, then back on.

2).  I saw the YouTube video with the guy and the bios flash that caused hell.  My integratedGPU on my i7 is working so I can try to do some things but the 4070 has fan power but never recognized.  The manual doesn't talk about the BIOS at all.  Maybe there's some settings somewhere for this, turning off intGPU etc ???  Maybe something for PCIe slots AUTO or 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 etc???

Have not tried installing NVIDIA drivers b/c I thought the card needed to be detectable... but it is on my list of things to try.

Moving M.2 not done.  Somebody on YouTube said M.2 slot next to GPU not good spot for lane sharing... idt that's true.  But maybe using that spot could be causing detection issues.

3).  update BIOS.  I was gonna do it but WEIRD... need at least last 4 versions to accept my i7- 14gen.  Latest is 1806 or something, then 1801, etc. to about 4 where I see 14th gen added.  I have 0816.  ZERO eight.  Yea.  I don't know how it's detecting CPU right now.  I'm under the camp ... don't mess with BIOS if you don't need to.  Never seen so many BIOS VERSIONS either.  That is NOT a good sign.



Customer Service Agent

Hello, @_El_Jefe_ 

1. Regarding power connectors, we recommend referring to the instructions on pages 1-9 and 2-19 of the ROG STRIX Z790-H GAMING WIFI User’s Manual ( English Edition ). 
It is essential to correctly connect the ATX_PWR labeled as C, and for the ATX_12V labeled as A and B, you can consider connecting one or both, depending on your CPU power requirements.

2. Could you please specify the particular settings you need to complete or adjustments you intend to make?
3. Please check the supported BIOS versions for your currently installed CPU on the model support page under CPU/Memory Support > CPU SUPPORT. 
For example, the i9-14900KF supports BIOS version 1202 and all subsequent versions.

Regarding the BIOS update process, you can refer to the following two FAQs and choose the one that you find most suitable for updating.
[Motherboard/Desktop] ASUS EZ Flash 3 - Introduction
[Motherboard] How to use USB BIOS FlashBack™?

Thank you.