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First-time build set-up question

Level 7

I put everything together just fine, using a Rog Strix z790-A gaming wifi II board, i did the USB Windows install, and made  my 1TB WD Black SN850x ssd the designated boot drive.

However, when i get to the windows desktop, everything seems fine. But if the system is restarted, it will power up to a black screen and dead space. If it is then powered off and on again using the power button, it will boot to the BIOS.

The BIOS does recognize all 4 RAM cards, and the SSD as the boot drive. 

My question is how can i get the system to boot and restart to the windows desktop?



Customer Service Agent

Hello, @NoobOfDoom78 

In addition to checking whether the chipset and related drivers are up-to-date and if there are any BIOS updates needed, we recommend powering off the system and reconnecting all hardware to ensure that power cables and hardware are properly connected.
Furthermore, please adjust the power plan and disable fast startup in the system settings: 
[Windows 10] How to disable Fast Startup in Windows
[Windows 11/10] Change Power mode and plan

Thank you.