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FanXpert can't install

Level 8

windows 11 version 22h2

board:Rog strix b760-A gaming wifi D4

I just assembled a PC, and after installing Armoury Crate, Fan Xpert cannot be installed.

螢幕擷取畫面 2023-05-12 194920.png



Level 8

1. Enter the folder C:\Program Files\ASUS\RLSDownload\FanXpert\... until you find the sdkSetup.exe file -> run it -> the installation will ask for a reset, ok -> Reset!
2. After booting Windows go to the same previous location and find the setup.exe file -> run it -> a brief window appears quickly and is gone!
3. Go back to the C:\Program Files\ASUS\RLSDownload\ folder and delete the <FanXpert> folder with everything inside it, done!
4. Open the AC -> go to the bottom left Settings icon -> go to the Update Center tab -> and click on the first top right button called “Search for Updates”, after that the AC will be looking for updates for a while and when finished FanXpert will disappear -> it's a greater joy to see it, and the best is yet to come -> you enter the menu -> Fan Xpert and FAN XPERT 4 opens as it always worked

Thanks for reply.

however,I can't find where RLSDownload is.

I'm not sure if it refers to the folder ROG Live Service,but there is no Fanxpert

螢幕擷取畫面 2023-05-14 125703.png

螢幕擷取畫面 2023-05-14 125959.png

You can open that Program / Asus and open armory crate after that, just leave that folder open, update the fan expert on armory crate, and you can see the folder apeared, copy that folder fast and paste it on desktop, sometime on update fan expert the folder will be deleted automatic, so you need to be fast to do that ...

Bravo sir!!! This worked for me!! Thank you!!!

Thak you so much for this!!!

this worked for me, but you must install it like 2 times first reboot second one not and do not update than only check for updates and you will be okay 🙂 

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Alex_Tseng .

May I confirm if you are still unable to update FanXpert in the Armoury Crate Update Center?
If the problem persists, please try using the Armoury Crate uninstall tool to remove it and then reinstall it from the ROG STRIX B760-A GAMING WIFI D4 support page. Once reinstalled, proceed with the update again and reboot your system.
If the FanXpert is still unable to be updated, please provide the error message, if any, and a complete video recording of the issue, demonstrating the problem scenario.

Thank you.

I have tried many times, whether it is downloaded from the official website or reinstall windows , it still cannot work.


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Alex_Tseng .

Please check the top right corner of the screen and kindly confirm the details requested in the PM inbox.

Thank you!