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Fan control

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How do I get access to the site where I can view, monitor and perhaps adjust the fan speeds in my system?


My  Motherboard is a ROG STRIX B760-A GAMING WIFI

Out of interest what’s stopping you from using Q-FAN from within the UEFI?

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

I would prefer not to need to go into the BIOS to set fan control curves (and modify them if necessary.

He seems scared about the BIOS. I've tried to explain that there is nothing to worry about the BIOS. I guess some people just find them a scary worrying place to fiddle with. 

I am not scared of the BIOS (although I do prefer not to use it if not necessary).  The projects I work on need constant control and modification of fan characteristics, hence my preference to being able to work on them without entering the BIOS.

Has anyone been able to download "AI Suite V3" which is detailed in the second part of the above "Tech News Today" article quoted to in Jaffcake's" post above, as an alternative the using the BIOS?

The post I was quoting was not quoted in my post a few minutes ago.  It is:

ASUS Fan Control: Expert's Guide for Efficient Cooling - Tech News Today


Any 3rd party software such as AI Suite tend not to have the ability to select specific fan curves / customised curves. 

With AI Suite or similar (like Armoury Crate) you get slow medium or fast options.

If you truly want a fully customised set of fan curves then you'll have to go into the BIOS, but I get the feeling you don't feel comfortable delving into the BIOS. (it really isn't that scary).

Your only other option is to but a fan controller something like this but I've tried them and they're not that good.

With BIOS custom curves you set a value for an idling computer, then when a component hits 40c the fans RPM is ramped up say 10%. Then at 50c another 10%, you can control it so even if the pc is running hot, then you can tweak the fan curves just enough to keep the pc warm / cool but without the fans being too noisy.  No 3rd party software or external fan controllers will do this.

So your options are:

  • External fan controller with mediocre settings. 
  • AI Suite or Fan Expert software with basic settings. 
  • Get stuck into the BIOS for proper fine tuning and customised curves. 


With all due respect Jaffacake, I do not believe you have fully read the Tech News Today article to which you refer.  Start about 2/3 down and I think you will see that "AI Suite V3"  has all the features available in the BIOS.  Start reading at "If you need to frequently switch between the fan speeds, getting into BIOS every time might not be the best option".

You go into the BIOS, set it up and that's it. The PC does all the work for you. Listen I've built lots of computers. I always use the BIOS to control my fans. When I'm surfing the Internet and hardly using the resources then fans RPM slow down, when I start gaming they pick up speed. I also turn off CPU fan detection and use the AiO pump connected to the CPU fan plug on the motherboard and run it at 80% constantly.

Ignore the articles, if you want a perfect fan curve controlled environment for your PC, then stop being scared of the BIOS and get stuck in.