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Ethernet Controller I225-V disabling on ROG Strix Z690A motherboard

Level 7


I'm having an issue with my ethernet on my ROG Strix Z690-A motherboard.  When I boot up the PC it is disabled due to an error?  I have been able to re-enable from the device manager and reboot the PC and it is working again but this has now happened twice this week.

There are no updates for the drive available that I can find.  I'm running windows 11. The driver is Dated 29/06/2023

Any suggestions for fixing this greatly appreciated

Thanks, Lisa


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @ld2903 

May I ask if you have made any software or hardware changes prior to these two occurrences? 
According to the official website of the ROG STRIX Z690-A GAMING WIFI D4, the latest Intel I225 / I226 LAN Driver version for Windows 11 was released on March 21, 2023, with Version
We recommend installing this driver version and observing the Ethernet performance.
If necessary, please refer to the troubleshooting steps in [Motherboard] How to fix the cable network problems of Motherboard for the Windows 10 version and proceed to confirm similar steps in Windows 11.

Thank you.

Level 10

A $10 solution - while waiting for the new updated driver, buy a USB WiFi. Gaming will not be affected because the real bottleneck is in the network provider (bandwidth and latency), whereas your PC to router WiFi using a USB WiFi is plenty fast.