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Errors with latest bios

Level 7

Hello guys


I have a Asus TUF GAMING B650M-PLUS with a Ryzen 5 7600x.

I have been watching all the drama regarding the new Asus MOBOS and AMD CPUs and i have tryed thebeta BIOS that have been released in that last weeks.

With all bios after BIOS 1414, i have random BSOD and this wierd thing happens on Google Chrome where, for example, im plaing a YouTube video and from nothing page goes blank saying:


An ERROR Occurred



My bios is setup with all the exact same options across all bios versions, i was running 141 till today with no problems and i updated to 1616 and this chrome problems restarted and i sense the BSOD incoming also...

Anyone with the same problems?


Level 7

and the blue screens started...

Level 7

Funny this is all over the internet and the aint 1 ASUS person that wants to help with this problem...

Level 8

I have Strix B650E-E, running with a 7950X3D and 2x32 G.Skill Neo. It was running perfectly with several BIOSes until 1602, EXPO tweaked active, SOC set to 1.2 V manually, rockstable and no problems. Yesterday I installed new BIOS 1616 (cause this was not a beta, and new AGESA). Activated EXPO tweaked and set SOC to 1.2 V. Windows 11 crashed totally and had to reinstall with USB Stick. Now went back to BIOS 1602. But I ask myself, why it crashed after running perfect with BIOS 1602? Can I stay now with 1602 and go with it for long time?

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @McKinley .

We have released the formal version of BIOS 1616 for the ROG STRIX B650E-E GAMING WIFI on our official website.
Please try updating to the latest BIOS version and performing a clear CMOS before verifying the problem again.

Thank you,

WORKED! Thank You very much!!! I have leared something new now: always CMOS clear AFTER the BIOS flashing  😉

Level 7

Ueah, and i forgot to mension, fresh install on 1616...this guys dont even test theyr beta bios. this company was so good, what the hell happened in the last years?

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @shaca .

May I ask if the BSOD occurred after updating the BIOS and clearing the CMOS?

Could you kindly confirm the following question so that we have a better understanding of the situation?
- the current BIOS version and the images of the setting in BIOS, or whether it is the default
- the brand, model name, and part number of the DRAM currently installed, as well as the GPU, SSD/HDD, and PSU
- the OS version and OS build
- the circumstances and frequency of problem
- contains a video that completely captures the problem's incidence and the surrounding environment

Thank you.

Hello @Jiaszzz_ROG 

The problems occurred after Bios update, WITHOUT clearing CMOS, im going to test that.

I can still answer the other points:

- 1616 defaults plus EXPO and defaults, i get random BSOD and that wierd chrome error.

- My PC Specs are: AMD Ryzen 5 7600X, ASUS TUF GAMING B650M-PLUS, 2x 16 GB PC5-48000 DDR5 SDRAM G.Skill F5-6000J3636F16G, AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT, EVGA G6 850W GOLD PSU, 1x WD_BLACK SN850X HS 1000GB, 2x Samsung SSD 850 EVO 250GB, 1x TOSHIBA HDWE160

- Microsoft Windows 11 Professional (x64) Build 22621.1702 (22H2)

- Fresh install, idle only the OS starting with all the latest drivers installed, i would say between 10 to 20 minutes.


Hello @shaca ,

I have same motherboard, same CPU and same RAM, with bios 1601 all works fine.