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Dual Channel doesnt work

Level 7

i have: asus rog strix b550-f gaming motherboard and trident z neo ram 2x8gb, I have it placed in slot a2 and b2 of the board.

i have the lastest Bios update and the profile on bios to put 3600hz on... (D.C.O.P.)

the pins of my CPU are fine, the sockets pins are fine.

so, why i cant use the dual channel? i verify on cpu-z and still on single bank... can someone help me?


- How did you confirmed that the memory cannot use dual channel? Are there any abnormalities in usage?

I verified it in cpu-z in the image that I attached in the post
- Was there an issue with dual channel before updating to BIOS 3002?
Yes, in fact, I updated to version 3002 hoping that it would be fixed, otherwise I would not have updated
Can dual channel be operated with default BIOS settings?
- Were the BIOS settings configured with DOCP enabled and manual set to 3600MHz?
Yes, DOCP manually and automatically sets 3600hz
What is the frequency when directly enabled DOCP?
if u see all the pictures i attached on the post u can see it, all the details...


Hello, @ADRMALD .

However, according to the image you attached, the channels show 2 x 64-bit.
At the same time, the DRAM Frequency below shows 1799.6 MHz, and x2 is 3600.


It shows that you are running exactly dual channel at 3600 MHz.

Thank you.


I already tried leaving a single ram in place and the same, it goes to 3600hz... so it has nothing to do...


Ranks can't be changed or tweaked.  They are a characteristic of the DIMMs and how the chips have been integrated by the manufacturer.  Your DIMMs are single rank DIMMs, and that can't be changed.  It is not the same thing as single vs. dual channel.  Dual channel just requires DIMMs in both channel A and channel B.  You can have dual channel with single rank DIMMs, and dual channel with dual rank DIMMs.

Level 10

In CPUZ, on the SPD tab, where it says Ranks [single] - This does not refer to "Dual Channel" but refers to the physical makeup of the RAM module. It has nothing to do with the RAM working on Dual Channel mode. If you use a software called, HWiNFO64 it will tell you if you memory is using dual channel mode as seen in the attached graphic.