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Disabling M.2 in UEFI

Level 7

There are two SSDs (M.2 and SATA, both with GPT). The first one already has an OS installed, now I need to put a system on the second one, but so that their bootloaders were independent of each other. The option of physically disconnecting M.2 is out of the question, because every time (yes, we may have to reinstall the OS on the second media more than once) I don't want to take the system out from under the table, mess around with unscrewing screws, etc., at all. - no desire at all. (besides, the video card and CPU cooler are a bit in the way there) I looked in UEFI for a setting to disable the M.2 slot (the first slot tied to the processor) - I found nothing (maybe I didn't look hard enough). Can you tell me how to solve this issue?

Motherboard: ASUS ROG Strix Z590-E Gaming WiFi (UEFI Version 1402)


Level 7


i fishing in the dark but  my failer by my older (x-99 m2 slot and pci-e expcard) system was

1/ setting from start drive sata or pci-e and  when you did set windows new up

 did you deleted partition and set new up?

did delete partition and format ssd  when you set up and did this in uefi modus or leg modus 

because this where i made the mistake and it sound a bit similair .

before i had it figuard it out

 at first  it worked and after a short while i got a lot problm's

also importand is  one drive was not from the start gpt so it had a small mbr ,

second drive begin gpt en when i clean ssd1 problms started.

so setting up settings in bios  are most  important

if this has nothing to do with your question sorry for my comment